My First Ever Grow. Of auto's first ever plant


You would typically cut the bud holding stems and hang them to dry in a relatively cool, dark, and somewhat dry area. You’ll need some air movement too.


I like to let mine be dry before harvest, meaning I don’t water them and then cut them down. I wait 3-4 days after the last watering but that isn’t mandatory. Harvest them and hanging them to dry. You can trim them wet or dry. I rough trim them wet and then finish trim them before curing, @Mikos

There are like everything else, multiple ways to get the job done!


Sweet well thanks for all that info i think i know what i will do what was that timmmmberrrrrrr lol well guys i shall keep you all up dated with how i get on with my first harvest however it is also xmas and a very busy time for me so i will try my best to keep you all upto date with my harvest with pics and anything i need i know were to find you alk thanks my new found grow family. @bob31 @Shuggz @Kapelady @dbrn32 thanks to you all. GROW IN PEACE MY FRIENDS.


@Mikos…you’ll be fine!


Hey friends sorry ive not been around ive been unwell and had so much to do anyways as you all may know i have my crop drying now and have done for 3/4 days now but i am concerned about how long to keep them hanging and my temp and humidity might be an issue. Temp is 20 degrees celcius give or take 2 degrees then i have 30% percent himidity give or take 4 to 5 percent. @bob31 @Shuggz @Kapelady. Thank you guys and ladys for your help and support .


Congrats on the harvest!

20 C is fine and the RH of 30% a little low, but that is what you have to work with.

Do you know how to tell when they are dry and ready for cure?

Did you weigh them up wet? There is a topic on here for wet and dry weights and harvest pics.


@Mikos…listen to Bob!


Thanks @bob31 i havent weighed it at all and ive started to cure the reason i didnt check the weight is my scale are missing. Anyway i will post my final weight my freinds but i will be totally honest it was and is very dissapointed with my results however it was my first ever grow so i guess i will need to see what it smokes like. Now i hope quality will make up for lack of quantity. But will have to wait and see. But i have decided on starting a new grow as soon as my other light arrives so i will have hopefully 2 x 300w led’s in my closet. I might have my tent by xmas if not it will be just after. And i have my seeds am doing purple express next and see how i do with them and if i do ok then i will get feminized seed nxt time round and i should be able to manage tht if this nxt grow works out better. Only time will tell. Thank you once again to my amazing new family. @bob31 @Shuggz @Kapelady @dbrn32.


@mikos glad I could help. I will tell you it is not uncommon to get a somewhat reduced yield from time to time. I assure you if your dry and cure properly you will not be disappointed!

Get a couple of these to use in the jars after drying and one or two hygrometers to spot check the humidity.

Bovedas 62%

Small hygrometer for drying


Thanks i have the meter and ive put it into jar today and i will see what it gets to on it and i hopefully all is good however i am unsure on something but it might be how it is because they alm smell funny not the nice smell they had when thy were growing but a different smell at first then it seems to smell a bit better once its hit the fresh air after a few mins before tighting lids bak on. Is the smell normally a bit different from the final product or should i be concerned. Thers no white residue or anything like that but i also havent checked inside any buds yet as i dont have many lol . No but seriously i am so nervous and on edge tht thers something not right because of the smell its hard to even explain but it does have some type of earthy smell to it like gut grass but not quite grass grass not the smoking type lol. I also have never heard or smell this strain until now so i am unsure on its smell but its also ak47 and jack herer with an unknow rudaralis. But it still doesnt smell like what it did before it got the chop. So anyone any ideas what i am trying to describe the smell.??? @bob31 @Shuggz @Donaldj @Kapelady any advice or that on the smell plz. I hope its not all messed up. Just a pitty u can send smell through internet aswell lol.


When we first harvest the plant is full of chlorophyll and that is why we have to let them dry before we jar them. Some strains take as much as a month to start smelling good again!

I have Gold Leaf at about three weeks of cure and Gorilla Glue at 2 weeks and they are getting better every day! I only take samples once a week to see and smoke the difference. They get much better as they age! I have to go out and burp them all today!

I took a nug from each a couple of days ago and had some of the GL this morning! Just as smooth as can be! It’s worth the proper cure!


Thanks bob31 so i guess its the chlorophyll that makes it have a bad out door earthy type of smell thn my friend. And if its a strong smell will tht tell you if its going to be good or bad. @bob31 ?All this info will help me improve my growin techniques but i have alot to learn and i am glad ive got this site and people like yourself to help me become a good gardener.


Some will be a strong smell others will not. Every grow and every plant is a bit different.

I grew blueberry and it had almost no smell at harvest. Now I have to go stick my nose in the jar every couple of days, it smells so good! @Mikos

They will be fine, no worries


What reading are you getting for RH %?


Am now getting 19.2 degress celcis and RH at 73% and right now i am totaly skint cause xmas is here and no spare cash to buy the the boveda packs are £22.00 on amazon and i aint got tht atm so is there any way i can reduce the rh or is the 72 ok or am i at risk of mould etc.?? @bob31


Good cause i was worring tht i had done something tht caused it to go bad. @bob31


I would open those jars and let them breath for a bit. You want the RH to be about 60%

What is the RH outside the jars? Mine is 30% in the house with the humidifier running, lol



Looks like @bob31 has you set on curing. I use the inkbird hygrometers, they are great! The boveda packs too.

When you’re in a low light condition, doubling light is usually doubling harvest potential. Top that off with the experience of running a full grow, and your next one should be much better.


Thank you bob31. Well the temp is 19.4c and 30 % rh inside the jar and outside the jar is 19.1 and 74% what should i do now. @bob31


Mines is 30% aswell but i dont have a humidifier tbh i think ive been lucky with my RH AND tht it seems to be ok atm but i guess it can change as it cures am i aint sure if they were left to dry long enough but i gave them 4days and i worried they were drying on the outside to dry so i decided the 4days were enough and so i trimmed them and placed them into there jars. So i hope ive did ok. @bob31 @Shuggz