My first ever grow. Auto northern lights- how am I doing?


1st grow ever. Tried to do my homework beforehand. Hope it looks good. Auto northern lights… most recent pic from this AM at 47 days from soil. Just started 12/12…when should I see buds forming? General suggestions or questions welcomed!
UPDATE**- all pics are the same northern lights plant…I had a couple regulars going that I quit on and the pics aren’t all in order so don’t be confused. Tnx for all the advice I have been cutting down the lights cuz I am also wondering why I haven’t seen flowers yet. But it is getting close now I will post new pics tonight

Question on autos

Looks real good. If auto I’d go 20/4. 12/12 for photos usually. Or at least 18/6. Want all that light goodness to get to auto strains.


Lol! I read your post and seen the first pic and thought WTF, that plants tiny. Couldn’t see the other pics til I scrolled. I think it’s looking happy. I’m with jheezy on the lights. I’d push all the light I could on an auto.


I’m actually surprised you aren’t seeing flower yet. Is that why you cut back lights?


Auto growth cycle:

weeks 1-3 vegative stage
weeks 4-10 flower stage

hope this helps


I believe the big plant is the auto being 47 days from soil , but northern lights is a dominant sativa strain which can cycle longer than indica , but if it’s the bigger plant she need the lights as close as you can get them over her canopy without burning her and put your lights back on 18/6 until you see pre-flowers buds forming , once the buds show up start your nutrient transition for 3 weeks , but don’t count these 3 weeks as flowering , after those 3 weeks in transition to flower nutrients switch lights to 12/12 for two weeks and than 11/13 for a week and than 10/14 for the remaining 6 weeks until plant finish .


@yoshi been meaning to ask about your autoflower light schedule. I usually hear 18/6 or 20/4 Not 12/12. 10/14 etc does this help?


Yeah, I’m curious too. Gonna put mine on 24hrs and cook their asses


I have to set an alarm or I forget. Been on 20/4 or 24/0 if I forget This grow is so low key I forget I’m doing it Prob run 18/6 during the week and 24/0 on weekend


I wanted to add Northern Lights is not a sativa, its 90% Indica
.it’s a short bushy plant I think @Steve2 has the cycle you should be looking at, if it doesn’t flower soon if you can do 12:12 you might want to start it that way ?


Think ilgm’s NL is 20%sat and 80 indica


24hrs light too much light, even tho some comerical grower use this light schedule( Buddha Seeds) Generally use 18/6 light cycle thru grow - but one needs to use veg light and flower light for flower cycle. Some even use 12/12 from seed to harvest!!!


Agreed I go 18/6 or 20/4. Try to get a lot of light but I think the daily nap is important for growing


Tnx for the helpful info ppl- I really appreciate the quality of knowledge from fellow growers around here. I believe it is getting pretty close to flower now I will post new pics tonight

P.s. All pictures are of the same northern lights plant they just didn’t post in an order I wanted


Right. The pics didn’t come out in the order I wanted but yes all the same plant biggest one is the latest. New pics coming soon. Tnx


Steve mine didn’t even begin to show obvious signs of female till after day 40.
With it now being around day 55 it is just now showing like it’s about to start budding. This was my first grow however and I believe a mistake could have been that I hit it with the bat guano too late around Day 35 which is too late for nitrogen only. Since day 45 I’ve been keeping her around 16 hours of light a day working towards 12 to 14 until I can see buds growing then maybe back up to 14 or 16. I also have just started phosphorus and potassium heavy fertilizers as of a week ago of course using half as much as I need to for normal use. The plant is very bushy and healthy looking though I just hope this doesn’t cause flowering time To shorten. However I have seen Many northern lights autos veg till day 70 and flower up through today 115


Yikes , I love to see all you guys growing these autos but at the same time I feel your heartache because i only grow fems and it seems so much easier , then again I can be the fool and not know what’s going on but I’ve been at this for some time and I have yet to grow One Auto but have a couple strains that tried to be autos, it seems and they are a pain in the ass to deal with but I feel you guys and I hope you have a good harvest… I’m going to do my best to help out people that grow organic soil and even if you don’t want the info I will do my best to get you to full Harvest…



Update : pics as of today - 55 days from soil and finally starting to see signs of flowering…I really hope the budding period isn’t cut short.


Autos bud on a time schedule not a light schedule. It’s the Ruderalis in it. Since they can be grown in full outdoor sun and will bud in midsummer if it’s their time, I would assume the simplest thing would to keep them on the best growing schedule of 18/6 the whole grow.


Do I have anything to worry about, in terms of a shorter flowering period because of a longer veg? (see pics above day 55 from soil) or am I worrying too much and just keep at it with 16-20hrs light a day??