My first DWC grow

Hello all…first time grower long time toker. I’ve been lurking for a while and getting educated at the same time. I wanted to start a grow journal and get some input from all the seasoned master growers! Here’s my setup…

  1. Supercloset 9x9 super room
  2. SC 24 Site bubble Flow buckets
  3. 4 Kind XL 1000/ wifi
  4. Phresh Charcoal filter 8” with a 8” hurricane fan.
  5. PH 6.2 in both res.
  6. Humidity 45-55%
  7. Air temp in tent 70-72 degrees
  8. PPM 700-710 in both res.
  9. Water temp 68-70 degrees
  10. CO2 levels are at 500-800 with just fresh air. Going to use increase levels with a monitor.
  11. Using Lotus Nutes…3 part with cal/mag.

Oh yeah…dropped these in water 3 weeks ago…all 24 sprouted from ILGM. 12 GSC, 6 Durban Poison and 6 Green Crack.


Damn man! This is your first attempt? Go big or go home must be tattooed on your forehead!!!

You will love ILGM genetics, best feminized seeds around. Welcome to the forum, I’m watching.

Not familiar with your lights, typical equation is 35-50 watts per square foot depending on light efficiency.

Do you know what yours pull from the wall?


Looks like they draw 630 from the wall. So you are at 31 watts per sqft of canopy. Should be fine!

For a fact check let’s tag @dbrn32 for his opinion.

Good luck, I’m watching.


Also new to growing , set to watching! And damn very nice setup!

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Mind if I watch? Love the setup

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Thanks guys and gals…I want to grow the best for my patient and I. I want to control everything…ocd…:sunglasses:. Looking forward to all the advice, knowledge and tips. It will only get better. You have to fail to become the master.

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Yeah Kind stretches the coverage area to a 5x5 area per light…it’s more like 4x4 so I’m a little short in my corner buckets but they still look good.

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you will be able to find the help you are looking for here. I am excited to see how you system works. I’m sure your patients will appreciate all the meds you can supply.

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I have more equipment, monitors etc to list later on. Just giving you the basics. Thanks for having one of the best forums on the net!

I live by that motto😎

I agree, kind lights are similar to vipar, mars, meizhi with some extra features. You should be decent shape.

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hey bud welcome to the forum… yeah go big or go home… :smiley:

2 important questions… are u using hydroguard? and are u using a chiller?


I’m using ORCA. Just ordered some hydro guard. Should I use together or just 1 separately? No chiller yet. Res temps are between 68-70 degrees.

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Also, not sure how to tag or if I posted in the right section?

Nice set up. I’m in to watch

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Thanks I’m excited every day to see their progress!! matter what mountains I need to climb I will overcome!

Please tag anyone to watch…being new I don’t know that many members or how to tag. I guess I should look into that!:sunglasses:

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Welcome to the forum/community. Looking good. I am tuned to watching :+1::+1: :+1::+1: :v:

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Leaves curling=low on nutes?..only one doing it and she’s my biggest. More coming tomorrow…I ran out already with the starter pack…24 plants🤣

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