My first DWC grow - GG#4


Hello everyone!! I am using a DWC bucket system in a 2X4X6 tent with GG#4 from seed… I using a 600 watt LED light at 40" from the plant… I have made a few mistakes, wasted several seeds, but now at day 16, I believe things are under control…

I started the seeds using the paper towel method and put the sprouts into rockwool in a humidity dome… I left the dome dark, but warm until the sprouts appeared… Then I put the rockwool in 1.5" netpots with hydroten and turned the lights on… My 1st mistake was putting tap water with weak nutrients in the tray up to almost the bottom of the rockwool and adding a air stone to the water… My thought was that it would quickly get oxygenated water to the roots… All I did was saturate the rockwool for a couple of days and slow the growth by a few days (during this time there was little growth)…

I realized the mistake and removed the water and let the rockwool dry a bit… I continued to top water until the 2nd set of true leaves appeared… Then I transplanted them to a 3.5 gallon bucket with 6" netpot… I have gone back and forth on water level and top watering schedule because there’s so much conflicting information… I landed on keeping the level just below the net pots and top watering as needed… the bubbles are keeping the hydroten moist and it appears to be wicking into the rockwool just fine…

I am using GH Flora trio nutrients… It seems like my growth is extremely slow, but maybe I am just having 1st grow anxiousness… It also looks like a few of the early true leaves are misshapen… Is this from overwatering?? too much nutrients too early?? too much 1st grow stress?? Any information or other notes is appreciated…

Plant #1 - seems to be the strongest from day 1…

Plant #2 - has some misshapen early leaves but otherwise appears to be growing fine…


not familiar with dwc bucket growing but good luck with it. will be following


I don’t let my water level get any higher than about 1" bellow the net pot…

You can have your level lower but don’t let it touch the bottom of the net pot, a bunch of other problems can arise if you do.




Don’t drop it a whole bunch but you can start inching that light towards that plant every couple of days and see how she responds. Chances are you can drop it to 30" or even a little closer and still be ok


What is your pH? Should be 5.8 plus or minus a little.


When a plant looks as if it isn’t growing much on tip is usually trying to develop it’s root system.
What is the ph of the resivior? The light is 40" above them. That could possibly be mobed closer depending on the light. What , besides the 600w, kind of light is it?


I am using distilled water and have been able to keep the Ph at 5.7 to 5.9… And ppm at 250ish…


Don’t go above that for another week maybe longer


The Light is a VIPARSPECTRA 600 watt LED full spectrum with 3 switches and 2 cooling fans… I also have a similar 300 watt LED and a few smaller LEDs that I am not currently using…


Today was the 1st day at 250… So, it will be at least a week before I do a water change… I regularly check the PPM and Ph so I can make changes if PPMs start to rise as water evaporates… Both plants now have a couple small roots touching water So, I look for there to be a growing explosion soon!!


Keep an eye on that first plant - the tips of the second set of leaves are curling down so I’d stay on top of PH and PPMs with her and make sure your temperature and humidity are in line.


I believe it was from overwatering… I lowered the water level and it seems better… This Saturday is my next water change, but I may have to do it early because the PPMs are rising by about 25 - 50 per day… I am almost at 300ppm now… PH is rising a bit, but easily adjusted with 3 drops of PH down per day… Each afternoon it is up to 6.2ish and I adjust back to 5.9ish…

The 3rd set of leaves are formed, but they still only have 3 petals… When do the traditional 5 petal leaves show up???