My first auto grow 7 weeks bout 8 later from sprout

So here I’m at my one northern light plant started a week or 2 before the other 5 now here they are 7weeks from sprout later

Top is blueberry haze ilgm
2nd is northern lights ilgm
4&5 blueberrylemon haze cropkings


Looking good, nice job!


Looking good, but starting to show cal-mag deficiencies.

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That is looking very good

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Really ?? Is that bad . I ask cause I use cal mag in my water maybe not enough ??

I think it’s looking damn good I just joined this group I wish I had took pictures of my plants it looks better than mine and my plants they kind of taste like hay but I tell you what them jokers will sneak up on you I’m pretty sure that stuff there is going to turn out pretty good

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What is Cal mag anyway

Thank you very much n I’m hoping so. An cal mag is calcium an magnesium …I’m fairly new to all this as well but you can learn so much here… Everyone more than will in to help

Just out of curiosity where is the easiest place to pick that up so I don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail I’m fixing to try to start another one and I’d like to have everything I can to try to grow a really nice plant

Tried to send you a picture to show you what I got I bought the seeds from this website and they turned out pretty good but now everybody’s talking about these auto flowering I’m going to have to try those everybody’s saying you don’t have to change your life cycles all kinds of stuff man

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I truly don’t kno I used Google an found it best to get on amazon but supposedly u can get it almost anywhere but was easier for me on amazon n quick that’s where I got all my stuff except a few things

Believe it or not I get most of my crap off eBay I got my tent my lights even my cloning powder I don’t know I’m going to have to look around and try to find some maybe I’ll delay throwing these things in the dirt

Gardening section of home depot or Lowes if best for bone meal, blood meal ,garden lime, all natural pure gold organic, empsom salts , worm castings

You know anything about hydroponics kits my pellets keep trying to basically grow a mold they try to go green no any way to stop that

Na sorry but create new topic asking for help with hydroponics

Was just fixing to do that I’m just learning how to ask questions don’t mean to bug you it was the easiest way to find a way to communicate with somebody appreciate it man

Supposedly it doesn’t effect cannabis plant from what I jus read can slow down gas exchange … I wish I knew more I’m reading google for ya

No u ain’t bugging me I’m more than happy to help

No kidding the plant that I just cut down I had it in my hydroponics kit out of the five seeds I bought it was the only one I got to sprout I thought it was going to mold and kill it so I pulled it out through the thing and some dirt turned out to be pretty good too

I was going say replabt that stuff. N r u growing soil or hydro I only ask cause u say dirty came out… I never went hydro thought it was jus water