My first attemp indoors

Hello all! This my first ever attempt to cultivate cannabis in many years. I have looked on the web and it has become very easy to learn. Especially when you have mentors to help you. So much has changed. I partook of many ounces as a young adult. I git married, had a family and put it aside. I could not find a J if I had to. I tried some at Christmas and thought to myself, This is the first time my shoulder hasn’t hurt in 25 years. I hate opiates and modern pain remedys. I found ILGM and thought I’d give it a try. Got my beans and Flower Power and got the basics together. It only consists of 4 CFL’s, soil and a small heater with a fan. It is vegging magnifcently. Could anyone tell me if they have flowerd with CFL and howd it go? My plant is NL AUTO. I understand the difference in the spectrum and have done quite a bit of research. Do you get hard tight nugs with CFL? Thanks and it is cool to have this powerful resource. Thanks.


I have gone seed to harvest with CFL’s. For veg I used 5 x 23 w 5000 -6500 k. For flower I switched to 5 x 23 w 2700 k.

The flower results were not great. I only yielded 10 to 12 grams per plant. Now I veg with CFL’s and flower with LED’s.

CFL’s have a higher blue spectrum therefore better for veg but not so good for flower.

What type less? Screw in?

Screw in regular CFL bulbs

I veg some of my girls in 5 gallon buckets like the following with 5 cfl bulbs 23 w 5000 - 6500 k.


In the pic I have one LED bulb in the middle but you can use CFL as well.

Happy growing.


You definitely want something in the red range fir flower @Mparham fir flower they cfl are better for veg. And cfl will not get you the tight dense buds your looking for Fyi

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I agree with @HJL and @Countryboyjvd1971. CFL plenty capable of growing weed, but lacks the intensity to do it well. If you’re absolutely stuck on growing with them, get them mounted horizontally with some sort of reflection device over the top like hjl.


The light you recommended should be here tomorrow. How would you go about knowing when to start the led 300 watt. Also, should I discontinue the CFL lights at his point?

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Please share your thoughts on what I just asked countryboy. Thanks man.

How bigger is your yields after the led for flower? On average.

I have a 300 watt led that should be here tomorrow.

You can start using the 300 watt led panel as soon as she is out i have started mine under 300 watt panels just newd to keep them high at first
What light did you buy ?
I would start at say 30 inches and lower if they streach to much
Can you post a picture of the plants you have going so we can see how bif g they are

Hey Country. I got the Release Galaxyhydro 300 watt.

Not release but I meant Roleadro. Trying to figure out how to upload a pic


I only started one. Been alot of years.

Think I’ll get a big or two? It’s the first auto I’ve ever done. Kind of weird looking.

Hey country, this is my plant this morning on the day of new light arrival. Please advise on what to do when it gets here. I think she has done well so far. 23 days old today.


I don’t know if I sent you this correctly. Roleadro Hydrowgrow 300 watt. Only started one plant. It is 23 days old today. What is your suggested height above plants canopy? I feed it Flower Power at about 1/3 strength. 18/6 schedule until some experienced grower tells me it’s time to go 12/12. It is a NL Auto. 6.5± PH.

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