My first 2 plants

Hey these are my first two plants and I was wondering why my plants are starting to droop I water every 3 4 days I have a 75 watt bulb maybe ten inches above them any tips etc

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It is normal for cannabis to drop a bit for several hours around watering time or lights on or off.

It isn’t necessary to mist plants that are beyond the seedling stage. It can be particularly risky (mold, mildew, WPM) after a plant starts to flower. You can do more harm than good.

Only one of your photos uploaded. You’ll need to allow the pics to upload before you hit the post button.

Happy growing.


Get a bigger light.


Fabric pots 7 gal , HLG 260 xl , happy frog-and ocean forest , guaranteed better harvest

What’s the 260 xl??? And the fabric pots are better how or why I’m growing indoors does that matter.

It’s a led fixture from HLG 260 ,google it , fabric pot will not let you get rootbound and will help with overwatering etc , I like and it’s what I use, I’m indoors too , @Fla74bos

Ok thank u ima look up the pots especially. Ok

Yes no problem brother I hope it makes a difference for you @Fla74bos