My experiment update

Hello guys I was not sure where to put this so I’ll stick it here. If I need to move it please let me know.

So I started playing around with keeping plants small by keeping the roots small and in a small space.

I was keeping them in 20oz tea bottles. I pushed them to flower the 3 weeks it seemed That growth slowed and they were not flowing. They require more nutrients as they flower from what I’ve read o I though it would be beneficial to mow them to a larger container. Still keeping the roots trimmed.

I also wanted to do low stress training on them but couldn’t because of the small bottles.

I ended up putting them in these cotton candy containers. I also made a training ring that fits perfectly around the cup. I figured if anyone was interested I would post the link to download the print here. They are now doing a lot better and just in the past couple days since flowering started to take off. Feeling much better about them now.


Check out the Solo cup challenge.


I have one in the solo cup challenge as well.

You have a link?