My experience as a customer


I think it’s important to share that we MOD’s also grow seeds too :slight_smile:

I’ve been extremely happy with the seedbank customer service side of ILGM. As many of you know, I’m in the NE side of the US, and the whole ordering and shipping process was about 2-3 weeks to get to my door. Ordering was a breeze, with the friendly email communication.

If you follow me, I grow in the unusual method of Aero-Soil, in Aquaponics, and I wanted to show how Robert’s genetics can compare to others I’ve grown.

I’m the type of guy that doesn’t impress easily, but I’m happy to say, I’m amazed at how much growth I’ve had, in such a short period of time. Of course, my experience isn’t over, but so far, I’m having a hard time not smiling while I grow ILGM’s seeds in aquaponics.

Thank you Robert & ILGM for giving me the opportunity to grow these awesome genetics in aquaponics.

Goldeaf, Green Crack, Trainwreck, and Sour Diesel.


Well said !


Yes , well said and I second that !! Excellent customer service on my end , 4 orders I think and more to come soon , thank you All at ILGM !!! <*)))><{


I have replacement seeds coming but they keep moving out the date no phone number to contact them–you are not supplying a phone number to contact number


I’m new and am not impressed easily but I have a nonilgm green crack an ilgm ak47 and a nonilgm pure kush (that i know will be awesome but grows like a spoiled brat aka not fast at all.

Ak47 wins out of all of them. Coincidence? Possibly


@wwdewey has your issue been resolved?


i ordered seeds a month ago, been waiting but it took so long i contacted ilgm they said my order was cancelled that i would have to re order. i have paid in full for this order and never received anything. i was sold 5 seeds that turned out to be male they replaced them after i spent 8 weeks caring for them. they sent new seeds which turned out to be lousy weed. i also purchased 10 seeds 5 train wreck and 5 northern lights only 5 seeds total actually grew. now i have paid 144$ for seeds that never arrived and they want me to order again. WHY would i do that I’m still waiting for the seeds i already paid for.?



I’m sorry you’re experiencing difficulties with seeds. Do you have any pictures of these male plants? Being a new farmer, many make the mistake of confusing a female calyx sex organ with male pollen sacs. There’s plenty of members here @ ILGM support forum to help with any growing issues you have.

As far as any orders and refunds, that information is the other side of ILGM (SEED SHOP). Seed shipping can take a while depending on what country you’re in, and unfortunately Customs does catch some shipments during shiping. I suggest you take a moment to make contact through your order email.

I am going to tag the sales support team for you. They are the company’s contact for all orders.

@ILGM.Support.Roy would you please post the direct email to sales support?


I’m not a new farmer it’s been 6 years. The male plants were about a year ago and are long gone. The 1 male I had in my current crop was removed immediately and destroyed. I’m much more concerned with the 144$ I spent and received nothing I was just told to reorder. WHY.?


Just so you are aware customs would not stop seeds coming to my address as marijuana is 100% legal in my state



I’m in Maine (recreational legal & medical legal). While state agencies will ignore it, it is against USPS policies to ship, and federally illegal in the US as Schedule I drug. Yes, Customs does confiscate seeds under the controlled substance act regardless of destination within the US, if they find them.


Again, this is the ILGM FREE forum, designed to help growers with their growing. Any ordering questions will need to be taken up with


The seeds would ship to Logan airport in Massachusetts then be delivered by a non federal agency. Aka federal express, ups several others and be delivered without crossing any illegal borders therefore making it 100% legal if it were shipped properly. The problem is that Ilgm won’t reship the seeds, not customs


All international shipments, including Fedex and UPS, along with USPS mail, enter into US Customs. Some inspectors are more thorough than others. ILGM trys to be as quick as possible to deliver all the parcels outbound to the US, as Customs is an unfortunate certainty.

Again, here on the ILGM free forum, we discuss grow help. Any questions on seed shipments must be directed to the proper support team.


Been there done that just get the run around


@lspainting I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with us overall, I will look into your problems and get back to you about this through email asap!


Thanks @ILGM.Support.Roy @ILGM.Support.Claire


I’m sorry you had trouble but give them a chance to work with you.

Your shipment was subject to Customs. There is no getting around it in this country, period.


I have had a good experience buying beans here and the 10+ free10 is nice…I think you could make a lot more sales if you could break it down and get 2 or 3 different strains of the deal…I know personally i would do that …Just something I think to throw into the hat to think about


I am very, very disappointed with the quality of the blueberry seeds I bought. It has been 6 weeks since I planted them, they germinated and are only 2 inches tall. I have a GREEN THUMB and have never had this type of outcome in my entire life of growing anything. I planted tomato plants in the same medium and they are 5 feet high and thriving.