My end product doesn't smell good

Question from a fellow grower:

I have a question and I need the opinion of an expert, hopefully someone can help me.

I bought Gorilla glue auto seeds from your website, my plants are growing very nice and the buds are fat and smelly, but when it comes to dry them they smell weird, like wet grass.

I dry them in a growing tent in the dark,I try to keep humidity around 50% and temperature close to 60°.

Is it ok that they smell like that? What should I do otherwise?

@ILGM.Stacy Your smelling A the chlorophyll that could of either been trapped in because of a rapid dry, or B the bud still has water in it and the enzymes you. Red to dry out before you cure or it will be stick that way. Your smelling essentially water in the bud, that is main goal of drying to remove moisture. So no you can’t use your bud to dry you need to dry it first to remove the fluid that causes harsh taste and wet vegetation smell. This MUST be done before curing or many things can go wrong anywhere across the gambit from bud rot mold or reducing terpines locking in enzymes giving u a acrid harsh bad tasting less potent bud