My Electric bill went way up will they get suspious?

Im running 1 1000 HPS and 1 600 HPS and my electric bill doubled its higher then its ever been. Do electric companies investigate something like that. Im only growing 8 plants 4 in veg 4 flowering its worth the extra 80$ a month increase but I think I will switch to LED or the T5 but its been hard to decide which light to buy these HPS really work good . What lights should I get im just growing in 2 closets both 2 by 5 . Thanks for any feed back

I would get 2 320 qb kits from hlg for that size rooms

1 in each

I’ll assume not in a legal state. Just tell them you installed a electric water heater.


Screw them you pay your bill there is no issue it’s not worth there time you will be fine I thought the same when mine doubled as long as you pay your bill


No stress as long as you pay the bill!
My quarterly electricity bill is around 1700 and they don’t care in fact because I spend so much they give me an additional discount


Some electric companies do cooperate with local law enforcement by reporting it but it’s becoming very rare and it doesn’t give them probable cause to search your house. My friend got busted in Buffalo because the snow was always melted off his roof because he grew in his attic so he moved back to Oklahoma lol


10 years ago…extra electric usage was a concern. Not anymore…unless you are doing a major grow. Small grower need not be concerned.

IF you are in a NOT FREE STATE…good idea to be watchful.
Most NOT FREE STATES…are now writing tickets instead of throwing people in jail.
Even here in Texas…less than 4 0z will be a ticket and release situation…but is up to the cop. If they have a reason…they will still throw you in jail just to be sure you know who is in charge.

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My electric tops $400/mo. No one’s come knocking.


Electric companies are in the business to sell you electric, they want you to use more electricity ! I think the authorities have to have a warrant to investigate your electric bill. Free us All now !!!


chill bro

(I recommend you do not waiste energy on paranoia and things like that, if it happens it happens)