My DWC water is to HOT


Can someone advise me plz on the best temp for my dwc water. And how can i keep it at y hat temp. Was thinking of ice.

DWC and Microbe use

Normally with larger gardens, growers invest in chillers. These get very pricey.

I my experience, your best growth results will come from a temperature between 62°F and 68°F. Anything lower than that and youll start getting uptake problems (purpling); anything hotter than that and oxygen dosent dissolve well, and you’ll have a higher probability of root rot setting in.


Thanks mate. I must be close on 30 degress. Or possibly more. Ill get thermometer today. Thanks for that @Dumme.


30°C is pretty warm. You’ll have to up the air pump, and keep a close eye for root rot. People do grow in warmer waters. If I were you, I’d have beneficial bacteria on hand all the time, with temps that high, and probably some H2O2.

If price is a problem, you might want to check out some DIY versions of chillers. I have made one myself in the past out of an old freezer.


@Dumme thanks heaps. Last grow was fine but that was winter. This time round the water is way hotter.
I definitely cant afford to stuff up. So a diy chiller for sure.


Or if you’re running a return Reservoir, you can just put the whole thing inside an old frig.

Good luck, and happy growing :slight_smile:


Thankyou heaps. Really appreciate that link. Life saver.