My Drying Predicament

This makes the scientific side of me want to do a test now, figure out if there is a safe amount. I wasn’t familiar with it till people mentioned it here. I still just use silica. Takes longer but easy to calculate if you know your volume. I’ve got a few different sizes depending on the containers.

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The container I had was covered in dust in the laundry room but still bagged
I had my doubts it was even useable but I was wrong
And that’s what I did tried to keep using different amounts

This was in a Lowe’s wardrobe box with pc fan going and passive intakes

It just seemed way way way too much drying out

Yeah, so the stuff is made up if individual crystals, that will remove as much as each crystal can hold. If you have more crystals it will remove moisture from a larger area, but in a confined area (like a box) a few crystals would likely be enough to lower the moisture out of curing range. Many years ago during a flood event, my car got the floor boards covered. It was very late at night, and I was in the Navy, and had duty the next so my car sat in the parking lot until the day after duty. It stunk, and a seed had even sprouted in the carpets (glad I found that). I thought the car was going to need to be junked it was so bad. But… Damp-Rid (a single 1lb tub) to the rescue! Dried the entire car in a few days, and the entire tub had turned to water.


Benefit to Silica, they can’t absorb more than 30% and it’s not a fast absorbing time. But if you place a large amount >50g in a liter container or less and you already have a low moisture level it will drop it fast once it’s sealed. Usually a couple grams is about all you would need long term.

I found you can cut sample time down in half with a jar and silica. I am still working to get a good repeatable ration of silica to fresh flower that’s consistent for a sample process.

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