My dream house found


I saw it, but I don’t need anymore beans! I have enough to hold me another year! lol @Stonetothebone

Did you?


I tried, but was told my order didn’t qualified @bob31 now Robert didn’t say anything about that … My order was a 100.00


The email doesn’t list any restrictions other than over $99 And before midnight Sept 4th. I would email them back and plead your case! @Stonetothebone


My actually amount was 98.50 that might be it, I’ll go check some more beans … If can’t find another type then I will just pay it, thanks for the info @bob31


I got it @bob31, thanks again for your help …


Having trouble getting those blackberry beans to grow? @Stonetothebone @Hogmaster @BIGE


Naw it’s the blueberry @bob31


Oh ok. from ILGM? Maybe they got zapped going thru the x-ray machine at customs?


They are driving me up the wall @bob31, I’ve never had this much trouble getting a bean to sprout … I’ve done been through so many it’s a shame …


never thought of that @bob31 i had an outbreak of seeds not germinating last round…interesting.


I think it’s a shame that the system is all messed up, your good money is going to waste on beans that want germ … Cause some xray bullshit … @bob31 @BIGE


Yep, it’s my understanding that the run everything through the xrays at customs. When I see someone that can’t germinate an entire order it has to be caused by something!


Sprouting beans isn’t rocket science. If you’ve done it once, you can pretty much do it with your eyes closed!

I mean it’s really hard to screw up, It’s possible to kill one now and then, but not that many seeds…

There has to be an outside influence!


I know it’s not me, I even bought a heating pad got some germ pods coming lol …


That’s what I said … @bob31


I always do mine on the hot water heater, never had a issue … @bob31 @BIGE


Hot water heater, cable box top of the fridge (though mine doesn’t get warm enough) I have a heating pad that gets 82 on low and I use that most of the time.

I leave mine in a shot glass until they tail, no matter how long that is and I use filtered tap water. I quit using the paper towel a couple of grows back because I seemed to get the same results just leaving them in the water. If one sinks I re-float it with a spoon. I’m 100% that way. Generally they soak for 24-48 hours and into the soil!

But there are many ways to germinate and they all work!