My dream house found


I used it my last grow also @BIGE


Nectar of the gods are on the way …@BIGE


lol,mine held up for awhile then started leaking,b-52 was really bad…so i scraped off the seal that was cracked and distorted from liquid. does not leak anymore…lol


i see you have mammoth samples too!!!lol i got some today…lol


I sure hope mine don’t all leak out, I got a box of gh go box only gonna use a couple of them …


That little bottle was 16.00 lol @BIGE


looks like you have the bases covered!!


go to grocentia maker of mammoth for samples…
took a month and i had to get it through hydro shop.


I hope so still early might come up with something else entirely lol, my tent looks like it’s going to take off like a hot air balloon lol … negative and positive pressure …


That looks like enough nutes for a couple of grows!


I hope so, they are not cheap @bob31 lol you know that …


no they are not!!! i’m going to use mine up and try the floria series @Stonetothebone…give it a try…something a bit cheaper


Flora by GH? @BIGE


sure @bob31,something a bit cheaper…i like advanced but i’m always looking for the next best thing…lol
i still have the nectar of the gods to try also…i was going to run a side by side with advanced in the new grow room…
what does bob think?


I think that I also have enough nutes to last me till probably this time next year. After that I am gonna use the GH and save some $$ and see how they do! @BIGE Unless you don’t have good luck with them.

I still have my big three (small ) bottles of FF Nutes which should get me through another grow and then the Nectar For The Gods after that…


I have the GH also @BIGE @bob31 I’ll try and use a couple of them this grow if I can get past growing hope lmfao …


this is how I received my nutes today, do I have a reason to be paranoid? @BIGE @bob31


are their bottles missing? I wouldn’t be paranoid. If it was intentionally opened it would have been taped shut again.


None missing @bob31, just had me freaking out lol …


Anybody else use that code that Robert sent?