My dream house found


Mine come and go with the wind, about anything … look at me wrong and I’ll ask if you have an eyeball problem got to get a whole of it …


@Stonetothebone I would keep them soaking or in paper towels. Someone a few weeks ago had a couple go almost a week before they cracked!


Yeah keeping them in damp paper towels for now, dropped some more today … @bob31


Ilgm has the best customer service nuff said …


awesome,they are some good folks!!


How’d you make out there @Stonetothebone


They are replacing 3 bba, reshipping my train wreck that I never got … amazing people they are, now how many other sbank would do that ? Not many if any … @bob31 @BIGE


I’m discouraged at the moment, but that will change. . . I know that I can grow and germ it’s just a downer for now, I got just a speck of taproot been that way for a week will not grow any more …


yea that sucks!! i’m glad ilgm stepped up and took care of you…
that is good for business!!


Guys! I’m outta likes, but i really do LIKE! :+1::v::grinning::palm_tree: @Stonetothebone @BIGE I really don’t like how they didn’t germinate properly but the next batch will be great! I just got more seeds from ILGM and they made it in 10 Business Days!


Mine usually gets here in 10 days, that’s why I was freaking so early … But waited until they said, now I’m getting a reship @bob31 , the others I don’t know what was wrong with them I did like always nothing worked but haven’t given up on them yet lol… I might just grow hope, I’ll be ordering again soon. . .


I really don’t want to spend 5-6 months on a photo, but guess that is where I’m headed. . . I’ll grow some autos with it so all good …


Thats what I am doing. Two Autos and two photos. The autos are getting close. @Stonetothebone


How many can you do in 3x3x6 @bob31


I figure 1 in each corner auto, 2 photo in the center. . . @bob31


I’m doing one photo and the two autos right now. So far so good. I have a second photo outside that I am going to try and keep outside till harvest. I don’t think it will make it the whole way but we will see.

If the auto’s stay reasonably small you could probably do 4 without issue in a 3x3 or one photo and 2 Autos


That’s about right, I was thinking about max harvest on the autos while I wait on the photos lol getting greedy … @bob31


you could probably squeeze three autos in the front row in 3 gallon pots and a photo in a 5 gallon in the back row. You’re gonna need to LST Fim etc unless you have a lot of height in your tent. I did the SCROG at about 25 inches.

If you do two Photos though I think its gonna be too tight for the autos…


hope I got all the nutes I need


i found that when i scraped all of the cardboard off the lids they will quit leaking @Stonetothebone fyi
i am giving the flower fuel a try this round also…