My dream house found


@Stonetothebone I’m growing the BBA now and they grow easy. Almost no extra work at all. Nail the pH and nutes as they veg and bloom and smooth sailing. AH is on order for me. I bought a fiver of the auto seeds as well.

@garrigan65 I had your tag saved from something you sent me and I went and looked at it and it had the 62 so I knew it wasn’t me. lol!

Looks like it changed everywhere as I have looked back on some older posts and it has the 65. I am 7 behind you The 31 in mine; the 3 is for Earnhardt and the one is for my dad. I am a Jr


hey junior,i’m junior ,lol born on the ol’mans birthday…


That’s way cool , and thank you because i was woundering about the name being changed from 62 to 65 changed on down the line, and it dose thanks to your research.

Will thumb


Yeah them autos are good to have, I found out that I had several photos that I had forgotten about short on autos. But if that afgooey takes it will be a good grow …


looks like what I would consider an after dinner smoke.

Here is the profile from Leafly


Yeah I would like that @bob31, I would smoke it all day til I feel asleep lol … Get up and start again , great research … You’ve been busy with the grow, getting close looks great:):star_struck:


Them beans are giving me hell soaked 24 put in paper towel , got little tails on some but not growing put back in water today. Lol just my luck, got tent up and running getting broke back in new 300w light 2 new fans still got up to 84 today in it … I haven’t tried the intake fan yet …


Thanks! The BBA’s are less than two weeks at least on the one. The other might be a few days more. The GL and GG are gonna be awesome. I’m afraid the GG is gonna flower before too long though and she is kinda small, but Good meds. I can’t start my next grow till October so these will have to hold me till then! @Stonetothebone


You ever grow a gg auto @bob31


didn’t even know they existed? @Stonetothebone


Yeah I’ve got a few hope when I do them I hope I’ve got my tent dialed in … they come in all kinds of numbers too like g14


That’s cool I like GG ok, but makes me a little too tired. I like Sativas during the day and Indica’s for later in the evening, unless I am hurting of course!

May actually bust out a nug of GG for the pipe. I am hurting a bit tonight!


I hit the bong after checking tent@6p just about out oh well …


Having fun growing this dirt, can’t get seeds to bust open and grow tails … I’ll give it til tomorrow, then I’ll use the rest of my blueberry I guess only got 3 left … Damn that hurts !!! :(:disappointed_relieved:


that sucks!!


Yep in for 24hrs then paper towels, back in water back in paper towels lol …


Well dropping 2 more blueberry auto in water today, damn that’s my whole order on this grow… Only 1 left, I don’t count 1 for duds but 2 already is enough !!!


try diplomacy, talk with them and let them know whats going on.
i know it is an out of the way pain to do but i would try recouping some losses…
i had some seed a fellow give me,not pro seeds and they were shooting a tail out in the soak!!!
24hrs later in paper towel almost an inch tail…i do the exact same to all seeds…
when i loose a ‘‘pro’’ seed it is more than likely the seed…in my opinion,i’m not hating on anyone.just stating facts in my neck of the woods…lol
try contacting them @Stonetothebone


I’m going to try, speak with them see what happens … @BIGE


i’m having anger issues lately myself,mostly with our medical system at the moment…lol those basturds!