My dream house found



Happy Anniversary my friend.



i have not tried or grown that strain @Stonetothebone happy anniversary !


not bad still got a few grams of A.H., wouldn’t but a few grams of blue amnesia, green crack a few grams left … Thinking about just mixing it together smoking all I can til Sunday …


I want to be straight going in my next grow , other reasons also … But I want to be clear headed thinking right staying on track lol …


It wasn’t bad at all! @Stonetothebone Thank you!


Will this be the same as no nutes, if I just flush it real good? Got some organic, just don’t want to waste this …

I really wanted the trainweck, but mail is not corporating … @BIGE @bob31


check ppm of runnoft now and see where you are at @Stonetothebone, 200-400ppm i think is recomended. i use sunshine pro mix,and organic will work in it.
nectar of the gods i presume?


I can’t remember the name but might get another bag and go with it … I thought all you had to do was flush it, hyponex is the name of what this soil is … But can’t control it with all the nutes in it lol, I want to control nutes … Thanks @BIGE


@BIGE my ppm is 260 and dropping, so that should be good … I’m planning on using this soil for my photo …


another new light lol … hope to get started by Sunday, gonna have to go with something else for beans … I usually get them in 10 days it’s almost a month :frowning: :(:hocho: :(:beer: 600w


I’m going to have 3 600w 1 300w in a 3x3x6, I think I’ll have 750w out of the 600w lights I think if they are right lol … They put anything on these lights, the only one I’m not so sure about is the 300w it pulls 185 I think so that’s 935w hopefully I wanted 1000 out of the lights … Digging through for something else, I think I’ll come up with something suitable lol …


is this a good soil to grow with, giving me control of the nutes … I can get another type if need to thanks … @BigE @bob31


Take a pic of the ingredients @Stonetothebone


it says nothing about npk, shows no percentage of either …@bob31


Some of those are soiless mixes but I believe forest products makes it a soil. Should be ok!


Thanks @bob31 for the help, trying to get it started … someday lol looking at Sunday might be Monday I’m going to get there just have to wait for it …


when was it you birthday ?


Aug 4 @garrigan65 (did you change your username a little?)


Well it’s on, 2 bba, 1 amnesia h a, last but not least afgooey… soak for 24hrs in paper towels now, jw for now … Found out I had more photos than autos good thing I ordered that bba when I got goldleaf… man I was tripping thinking that I had more autos @bob31 @BIGE @Nug-bug



Yes i did i’m no 62 anymore. The # = age. You were the first to notice.
Do you think i should have stayed with 62. Now that I think about it i wounder if all my posts have changed.