My dream house found


that is the only way i could probably stop using mmj @Stonetothebone,running out!! lol


Well I did some math , tomorrow I’ll be curing for a month … What’s left , it’s bad azz stuff …


@BIGE that is astute! Nicely done, Sir!


upgrading I hope


I’m trying this upgrading thing out, lol I’m going to add take away … why did I buy another light for seedlings, it just happens lol got a 300 w 185 w actual … added a new intake fan to take advantage of a.c. got some more to do if I don’t wind up in the cross bar motel … lol I’ll be glad when I’m out or will I, still got enough to start limiting lol …I’m looking to start up 2nd week of August ! ! ! Still undecided what I’m growing ? ? ?


Trainwreck lol, its a great choice for most people here


Got to go get me some bungi cords, dam fan and filter is driving me crazy … Can’t get it to line up right, might throw in some shelves lol … getting it to line up is driving me crazy, then all set it falls apart … I’ll think of something, 1 side is bigger than other the fan or filter might go around it with duck tape …


calling it good and a day lol …


Ready for my projects, it’s gonna be a ride …


I’ll try to get it a little higher, but it takes time … plus i’m thinking on bonging out see how many bowels I can take lol 2 probably …


i taped mine…in fact the kit came with foil tape.
and zip ties @Stonetothebone


I mounted my fan to the rafter in the basement outside the tent, hung the filter in the tent, and ran duct to it, holding the ducting with clamps. Thought I might have to use HVAC tape or duck tape but no leaks, so far. That was about the only advantage to having it in the basement


I installed mine the same way and vented to the outside. My tent is relatively small and I wanted to keep as much as possible outside to save room for the plants.


I couldn’t vent to the outside unfortunately, that side of the house has the least buffer between us and our neighbor, in fact, part of their garden is on our property, and that’s OK but couldn’t be venting right out there into their garden, LOL. The other windows are in an area where I would have had to run the tubing too far away. I had thought about it but decided I would just buy an oversize fan and filter and hope for the best. Can’t keep the basement door closed since all the cat litter boxes are down in the safe room and they need access.


New light 300 w 185 actual, my 3 600w are 275 to 285 actual … waiting on beans to land, running late I hope I don’t get a letter … might have to go with something else :frowning:


I’m stopping Sunday night for a few months, when I took test yesterday she told me that in October I would be getting a new P.O. so don’t know what I’m in for lol … I’m trying to get loose in November, so might have to go back to court by not paying my fines on that month … If you don’t pay by the 2nd Thursday@ 1 be in court lol …


Anybody grown afgooey, if so how hard was it to grow? I’m starting a new grow need to figure out what I’m going to grow … @BIGE @bob31


congrats on your anniversary! @Stonetothebone

I’ve not grown that one…


Thanks @bob31


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @bob31 Hope it was a blast …