My dream house found


I just seen what I typed lol …


Well today is my official stop day, gives me 11 days before next test lol…


I’m giving my next grow all the lights I have, I think… Depending on what I grow…


that sucks to have the cure and not be able to take it! lol


Oh I’m taking it, sometimes lol. @BIGE


hello little friend


Has anyone got any suggestions on smoking the hash, shake and bake lol… How you do it I know a lot of ways to, but want to hear from the pro’s … @bob31 @garrigan62 @Majiktoker @BIGE


I haven’t smoked any in 30 years but @Countryboyjvd1971 and @Hogmaster can probably enlighten us!


Well the bong was a blast, smoked it dry like @coltfire said she doesn’t use water I feel ya. Now I hate to get in to this, but trump needs to make Jeff session resign lol for real he’s not on our side he’s already setting up for the legal states said who needs more mj mmj .


We always either premo it or stuck it on a nail light let burn about a minute and put jar over it, let it go out and fill up take a straw lift up jar take a good hit put jar back down lol.


All I ever used back in the day was a bong. Not dry though… @Stonetothebone Will see what the other guys have to say!


Don’t be sad, god will give you more


If I can get it gooey enough vaporizer or nectar collector (nectar collectors are wax utensils) otherwise I usually use a bong or pipe depends on where im at


My best or one of my best friends wife takes my hash and make me chocolate chip cookies
The i kick back and watch


My first puck, not a good one but will do. . . Thanks !


Sitting outside in the middle of a lighting storm, bonging out. . . Don’t get any better …


Still medicating lol, Sunday’s it though. . . Gotta get used to it in case I failed my test I don’t see how but who knows they do lol. . . I’m going to make sure I have a pocket full of cash for my books shcitt I’m not going to starve for sure, nobody’s taking either … watching tv getting a few laughs in enjoying the ride …


Now hat would be cool as hell…lol



that’s got to go, I got it …


running on fumes lol …