My dream house found


is that the AH? @Stonetothebone

Nice looking bud!


It is @bob31


Trying to clone a flower, sure it’s the same thing ? I think I picked a good branche lots of flower spots fingers crossed. . . If not then I’ll see if I can grow a flower lol…



Lol it may take but usually if a plant is already in flower it’s damn hard to clone I got my Lilacs to root but took cuttings from non flowering new growth


I’ll check the lower part of the plant for none flowering parts lol , it’s comes back every year. . . @Donaldj


I think it’s called hydrangea or something like that? @Stonetothebone Try the flower and something from down lower! You could have invented monster cloning Hydrangeas! lol


I’m going to get this if I have to wait until next year lol … Yeah if it takes oh boy, that would be a site to see …


green crack


It’s more greener and very protent, I’ve been through so much today of each I’m surprised that I’m still up !!! AH is turning blue, I’m ok with it …


That’s some good looking bud! I’m due for some more too! @Stonetothebone


I’m getting back in the saddle again next month , don’t know what I’ll be growing yet … @bob31 TY …


The chocolope is pretty good. That’s what I’m having right now. It’s good a decent mellow buzz for an hour and good clear thinking pain relief through the next hours. I’m liking it! @Stonetothebone


Ak any good that solid big bud ??


The AK is good too. I’m gonna grow it again and see if I can get a better grow out of it. My first grow in many years it came out ok, and the smoke is good but I don’t find the buzz to be as clear headed as the chocolope is. I have 3 -4 other Sativas I’m fooling with and I’m doing a journal so I will let you know in a few more weeks. I will post it in the garden and tag you over.


Yeah I’m level as of now might take a up beat I’m ok with it. . .


Thanks @bob31 I think I see it now and then, got tent full lol…


Left jar open 4hrs lastnite , I just forgot about it. . . I think they are for enough along to not messed anything up. . . Hell let them air out Good lol …


trying this one also on the flower, maybe there’ll both grow roots. . . Knocked the petals loose with bag on the other lol …


I think I’m good on lights 3 600 w in a 3x3x6 , if I’m doing it right that calls for 50 w per sq foot. . . I’'ve got between 275 to 285 true w per light , I think it’s 50 per square foot … That’s 450 watts, I got over 800 watts might have to wait until next grow to use other light any thoughts lol…