My dream house found


Was gonna get a pipe to for my tails but got spook in there with all the other people. . . I already have a couple of pipes but don’t want to use them, you didn’t know who was there for the headshop or gas lol it was combined. . . I even saw something to help pass a test lol I’ll stick with what I’m using. . .


use what’s trial tested! lol


blue amnesia green crack amnesia haze plus all that I smoked lol. . .


Working my azz off trying to get my mom ready to move, going broke also lol. . . But that’s my mom and dad so I’ll hit it again early in the morning, since I got almost an #$&oz I’m going to janeville I can’t handle 102 degrees schitt … I’ll be there@ 530am sitting stuff outside that is going to be trown away. . . Dare them to say anything to me about it, since they are making everyone move I’ll load the whole yard with stuff …


Thinking is a bad thing lol… Over think make a mistake. . . We’re see in a week or so


ohh noo,think long you think wrong…lol it will be ok brother!


Got the train wreck , a month or so I’ll be back … lol


train wreck? i have never tried that stuff.


@BIGE it’s supposed to be some good stuff …


Ordered a couple of things, sent to my mom’s new address lol… Next month I’ll be back in the saddle again and can’t wait to get started, see what I’ll be growing. . . Good luck self, happy growing. . .


What’s going on @Stonetothebone What’s in the jar? The AK47 is smokin good over here tonight brother!


curing for 2 weeks


Amnesia Haze , got green crack for when I start back next month. . . @bob31


Amnesia Haze is on my “to try list” I just looked it up shod be a good day pain med?


A H is kicking off here, being greedy with it but sharing with a couple lol … @bob31


I have been checking out chocolope. Really interesting taste and really great daytime. Totally functional! @Stonetothebone


Amber will knock you out lol but milky was just right. . . Uplifting and running with a trail off, if I get to cure one these for a month it should be dam good. . .


I’m quitting tomorrow, going out blunt style one for my son tomorrow and one for me half lol don’t really need it but going out to get a few hits …


Yeah I’ve seen that, looks good . @bob31 might have to give it a try …


seedless and performing great