My dream house found


Hope you had a great 4th too @bob31



man,that looks really good…what flavor is it?


Amnesia Haze @BIGE yeah it’s good real good. . .


ohh yea,i liked that stuff!.. i skipped it this round,but won’t the next one!lol


I want to do goldleaf next grow, but I’ll probably stick with autos for next grow just 2 this time. . . My mind changes with the wind so I guess just have to wait and see lol …


lol,mine too @Stonetothebone don’t feel alone!


hahaha yep that looks delicious! hahaha AH is good stuff.

I’m growing the gold leaf now along with two Blueberry autos and a gorilla glue special delivery!! A nice variety!


There you go @bob31, that good stuff … I got goldleaf to blueberry auto. Plus it’s getting hot here, might just wait a few months here hell idk …


They let me go, he took 3 samples in at 1 time and I was the 3rd one. I don’t think they had time to test it all by the time I went and talked to a p.o. so if they don’t come kick my door in by Tuesday, got’em again. . .


That more mature knocks me out A.H. G.C. I know it’s coming just not when lol … That B.A. it’ll take off from climb a mountain than back down it lol… I’ve done used about all of course. . . Thinking about going to the casino 7-7-17 plus giving away a four wheeler lol earn 250 point for entry that’s a 100 bucks that is played… I don’t want to get there and crash go through 500 bucks trying to hit a jackpot lol …


But about time I get almost there it’ll be time to climb back down, just my luck . . .


That sir is a beautiful bud. Great work buddy!
Yeah ill have to dodge the bastered come the 13th,I say fudge em all😎


@Nug-bug it’s a game for money, if they can trip you up in the process great for them. . . But no more money, makes you wonder will they lock you up if you fail hell yeah they will. . . You know the game and ways around it, so best of luck to you friend. My fee for probation is 35.00 higher than my payment for court costs and fines lol …


Gotta go try this



I have one very similar, works great! @Stonetothebone


i like it!


Works just fine, first I had with a handle. . . I’ve just about used all my meds lol, gonna have a decision to make soon. . .


95 to 102 is not the best temps , but might have to just go with it. . . Curing for a week and medicating too, still have a week to cure lol , I’ll be fine not the first time I had to quit for awhile. . . But milky is for me, I really liked it, if I can keep my hand out of this while it cures than great. . .