My dream house found


Lol exactly what I was thinking a sale is still money


Why Thank You sir and a Happy fathers Day to you sir



the root ball of amnesia haze the only 1 I’m going to get


gonna try this amnesia haze by itself, then it’s quitting time again lol …


quitting time? lol rehab is for quitters…lol
i understand your situation though @Stonetothebone,when will you get off paper?


Don’t feel lonesome, I will be back on paper come mid July,for the first time in 12 years. Thought I was done with that Bullstank.
I’m gonna chief till they catch me the 1st time. Then begins the great AMERICAN CHASE!!!:sunglasses:


It was a lasting high with a bang, think it was the rocket in the mix letting the others kick in but not take over lol. . . Yeah I’ll be glad when November gets here, sorry to hear that @nug-bug


November hopefully


i’m rooting for you brother!


Almost a week tomorrow since I started smoking
again lol , it’s been a blast. . . Getting to smoke allsthat be on killer strains. The amnesia haze is my favorite day or night, the green crack knocked me out. . . I was watching tv next thing I knew it was after midnight I was waking up… smoke this other hits of A.H.later today , smoke a big azz blunt with my son tomorrow and call for now. . . It’s getting close just gonna have few beers for a few days and let water take over . It’s been my honnor to come to this forum and grow this and smoke it to :@STONETOTHEBONE


smoke em if you got em! lol


Fixing to check on the drying ladies , might have to sample some lol. . .


looks and feel dry, but stem didn’t snap. . . Give it a few more days, time to sample shhh lol …


The middle is still moist, I cut up one bud… So it can dry faster, humidity is 45 to 51 temp 70 to 73 … Hope to jar by this Saturday or Sunday, might do paper bag for a few days. . . Might make some hash in the future. . .


Amnesia Haze , Green Crack , Blue Amnesia :frowning: … Some to sample all 3 strains , light a fuse. . .




Nice job @Stonetothebone


Well I had a better 4th than I thought I was, helping my neighbor work on his car. . . Drinking beer, medicating there’s some fun. . .


Sounds good @Stonetothebone Happy 4th Brother!


On the water diet lol , getting a jump on test I hope. … I medicated til lastnight, hope not to close. . . But it was my choice, if I don’t talk to you’ll know where I’m at … killing me with this schitt… I’m pulling all the tricks out for this one, had to sample some no complaints. . .