My dream house found


i didn’t @Stonetothebone,in fact i gave them more light right before i hacked mine down… i did ‘‘split the stem’’ just for giggles about two or three days before…


@BIGE I also jacked my lights up to 18 6 from 12 12 sunday , but haven’t watered them since Tuesday lol … I’m afraid I’m going to burn them up, might give them a pint each tonight. . . Or just cut lights off , cause they are dry


I don’t think it has any affect on Autos so I didn’t really do it either

outta like for now! :v::palm_tree::v::grinning:


The baseball bat I’m taking, the brickbat I’m leaving for my son Sunday. . . How many hits to the moon ??? A mix of all 3 strains


Fixing to find out lol straight up fingers was so sticky after breaking up, had to wash them before I could roll it. . .


I’m ripped high as schitt with help of you all you all know who you are the best high is saying I grew that schitt. . . I grew this better than loud, milky the moon. . .can’t wait for the more mature to drop Sunday I I’m going to dry it in tent


Still got this much left


I got it in my hand the way I’m always losing stuff lol schitt is smelly I’ll let that main cola grow a little more next grow on the Amnesia Haze, can’t wait to smoke this more mature. Hell might give me another kind kick


I’ve tooked 1 hit February 14 that was the last time I’ve smoked of loud. Damn that’s a long time. . .But this smoke has got a hell of a kick to it at milky I got a test the 6th of next month it’ll be interesting



Amnesia Haze, blue amnesia and green crack. I’ll get a dry weight when it dry


Hey@stonetothebone, real pretty colors on the buds! I bet it is tasty? Later, Mike


You did a fine job there @Stonetothebone
:sunglasses: fine job!
You weren’t fibbing about the colors huh? How proud you must feel growing that grade A , can’t even bye it like that!


You do know they have a pill that will help with all that burping @Majiktoker lmao



happy fathers day to you!!lol


@BIGE, Thank You very much that was completely unexpected…Thank You



The milky samples was to the moon lol…


Happy fathers day bro sorry its a day late


Yep it was there, I’m so proud I could hop up and down. . . Been partaking in the milky samples since Friday. . . Even when doing this lol… best thing is knowing that I couldn’t buy this grade of smoke. . .


The same back to ya brother. Was at the flea market all day selling tables…sold one but it’s still a sale…lol