My dream house found


So another week maybe 2 then, I know I’m getting into a rush but need tent for next grow… with drying in the tent. . .But don’t want to cheap myself in any means, I can wait. . . @Majiktoker


Yea maybe another 2 weeks.


Another 2wks it is, looking like father’s day after all. …thanks @majiktoker


Not a problem buddy


my biggest bud by itself, almost a 1/4 In all so I’m happy


sweet @Stonetothebone,i’m grinding an edge on my axe as we speak!!lol


Plus this,

2 pics of amnesia haze couldn’t resist lol. . .


Chop away @BIGE I’M going to try and make it to father’s day on the rest lol…


I don’t know what happened to the runt , guess topping while in flower don’t work well for autos lol… I might give it another shot if got another seed, blueberry and blue amnesia… The blues man


Good deal! @Stonetothebone that should help things out!


1 week from harvest, ladies looking fine. . .


Yes sir she is ,looking at all those trics!:sunglasses:


Nice! So this will be your 2nd. I forget how many you had @Stonetothebone


boy! they sure are looking fine!


The first was sample takes, this will be complete harvest this time @bob31


They have some blue, red and purple color to them but didn’t show up in pics. Looking more Orange or Amber but fathers day They are coming down lol, milky and amber for sure. . . I’ll take another look with cam just to see how much. . . The dark spots are colors. . .


Roger! Timber on daddy day! @Stonetothebone


congratulations @Stonetothebone,on holding out and going that extra mile…i’m sure it will not disappoint!!


Jeff Sessions is going after the legal states now, asking for release of protection against legal states saying it’s can’t be safer to have more marijuana. . . Calling it little less than heroin, he’s always been against it and now showing it. . . Little beaty eyed pencil neck &#$!*: …


There isn’t really a need to give autos a dark period is there? ? ? @BIGE @bob31