My dream house found


In the first week I burp twice a day 20 minutes each time the second week I burp once for 15 minutes


Thanks @Majiktoker, I was wondering how long to do. . .


Not a problem buddy


Well been wanting to take this plant everyday, but seen a bud trying to grow a little more yesterday. . . So guess I’ll try for father’s day like I said maybe lol, it’s so hard when all milky which is supposed to be best I believe… For head and amber for body , @ lest that’s my understanding lol @ 90 0/0 milky for sure. . .


my runt too all three should make a 1/4 oz


Now I got sideways pics lol. . .




I really don’t like the shrinkage lol…


lol,who does! enjoy


I’m going to cure it for another month or so lol, I’m in no hurry. . .


@BIGE I’M going to put some of all 3 in 1 big hogleg, head to my son and smoke it with him. . .


Well I’ve done lost my new scales lol… I’d like to have a good memory, going to make it easier for now on I’m getting a big box and put everything that I don’t use regularly in it easier for me and them. . . Now off to order another 1…


Got another 1, didn’t spend as much as the 1st … probably lose it so cheapest is better, dam it was a nice one. . . I’M planning on picking up my upgrades Thursday and give it a try got to get as much as possible after the shrinkage I witness, might carry it through June as long as I can still no amber so I’ll carry it as long as I can lol… As long as I can. . .


Well had some bad luck at my test today, I dropped the cup lmfao… I had done been in there once , then the second time in when it was over he told me to put cap on schitt next thing I knew it was floating in the toilet lol. . . He said damn I said what now he said I only had 2 times and he would tell my po said since I haven’t had any trouble before and he usually holds it while I put on cap but he forgot to today so I’ll probably want have any trouble. . . I really don’t care anymore, can’t worry about something that out of my control. . . Hell I’ll go back and do it again tomorrow. . . Well hell ! ! !


I’m going to Let tonight be my last watering and dry till Tuesday… With light off Sunday thru Tuesday , harvest Wednesday and call it good. . . Any input ?


Shouldn’t leave lights off if plants still have a moist medium


I’ll remember that, thanks toker…


Not a problem my friend happy growings


How long do they kept developing during drying, I’m only seeing amber on 1 bud. . . ??? @Majiktoker


Usually they won’t maturing has to do with the plant and how long they Stay on