My dream house found


@bob31 if it was a security problem car certainly wouldn’t start and definitely wouldnt crank.

But that could be from the ignition switch being the previous problem and not resetting the computer as the ignition switch does tie into the anti theft (the security light still being on) and it would be in the lock cylinder itsself if the car still want cranking which could also be another reason for the security light being on…got a new key without replacing lock cylinder or ignition switch which the ignition switch was just replaced


The parts store can do it with check engine check correct toker? Man that was a job lol, I didn’t stop but twice to get a drink of water and smoke a cig. @Majiktoker it stays on


Ok @Stonetothebone, go to the parts store ask them if they can hook up an obd2 meter up and erase any codes. It should clear the light (shut it off).

If that light remains on replace the lock cylinder next, car may be thinking its getting stolen because of the new key and old lock cylinder most of them usually are lol Ive had to do 3 in the past month and alot more since the start of the year


It must of cleared lastnite and yesterday evening, cause it was off this morning. . . Thanks again Toker …


Man I couldn’t do that everyday I’d be got so aggressive with it be done broken the dash. . .


Absolutely my pleasure, figured that would happen, glad you got it fixed brother and glad I can help out.

I love my daily job, lol if you need more help feel free to ask


Well I’ve decided to take it to father’s day, if no amber by then there isn’t going to be any. . .@ 93 days now. . . I’m going to redo my tent and start my next grow, I was going to wait until fall but might as well get to it. . . That 60 dollar price drop in electric bill, might throw a red flag. . . But I don’t think they watch it that closely, just be happy I’m using more again. . . I’m going to let it dry in tent so that will take a week or two then redo my setup another week then drop a seed in water that’s almost a month so not a big change cheaper light bill for a month … They will think I had ac problem probably lol they just want the money I’d think, still haven’t made up my mind photo or auto might be time for a learning curve. . .


I found my# so that is that so try again booty, better than what you put in last month bandit. . .


ilgm other seedbank


Both beat your entry hands down


You probably the 1 that entried other seed banks seeds , others that don’t know any better let you have your way. … but not this 1, You got to get UP mighty early to get over on this old man… I’m going to get off this now but anytime you feel like taking UP again just holler. . .


Well got the call yesterday that my nephew died. . . I just seened him about 3 week’s ago for the first time in months. . . Although he messed over me on truck, it didn’t make it any easier … Sometimes you just have to let it go. . .


sorry about that @Stonetothebone,


just shy of 100 days from seed, the 25th will be 100 days amnesia haze auto. . .


I’m tempted to take it, but I said fathers day so, lol…


you said,… @Stonetothebone…lol


Yep but fathers day might just come early for me lol… But I’ll try to wait. . .


i here ya…i feel like the big bad wolf swooning over my three little pigs! lol
you never know when i might decide to start huffin’and a puffin’…lol


Lol that’s so right@BIGE you and me I got some samples curing lol


How long do you burp for, I’ve heard anywhere from 10 mins to a hour. . . @latewood@majiktoker @bob31@BIGE and anyone else …