My dream house found


I only got to drive it for a couple of months before engine blew lol. . . Thanks bud you’ve been a great help. . .


Yea replace the switch and my pleasure buddy its not a problem glad I can be of some help



Quick question buddy, does that key have to stay in because the lock cylinder won’t release it or because it was recommended not to remove it, because if the lock cylinder won’t release it, its the lock cylinder its self which buying a new one of those should come with a new ignition switch as well


My bad I chose to have just that key in while in use. … it will come out when not in use. . .


Ok just wanted to double check that


I didn’t expect that ignition switch to be so high lol, but that’s all in it. . . Better be glad I had a little money, notice I said had. Now just got to get it all torned apart, it’s so hot I’m going to have to wait until night or 5 am… maybe I can get it tore apart tonight and put together in the morning. . . Thanks again toker, hopefully this is it I think so. . .


01 had a lot of recalls especially when adding aftermarket stereo. Sounds like it could be a fuel pump or fuel regulator issue… @Stonetothebone


Not a problem buddy keep me posted


Not a fuel pump the car wouldn’t still crank immediately same with a faulty fuel regulator it would still crank over just wouldn’t start, and it would still crank over immediately


Well went ahead and bit the bullet , got it in letting it reset. . . Then gonna give it a try lol don’t know if I’ll get dash back in today. . .


Mosquito’s are tearing me up @#$& lol, I’ll be a couple pints low tonight. . . Got a six pack in the fridge to bring it back up! !!


It cranked security light is still on, but that doesn’t matter right. . . I got it in and its cranks so well done I hope. . .


If it cranks now that sounds like it was the problem @Stonetothebone

But if the security light is on what does that mean? Does that mean the security system needs to be reset or it’s in ignition lockout (crank but it won’t start) ??



Probably the security needs to be reset, I tried to get it by turning it on for 10 mins 3 Times but didn’t work lol I’ll take it to parts store tomorrow and let them do a engine check and clear it. . . @bob31


Oh ok I have a obdc reader or whatever it’s called that can reset all that stuff.

I’m just thinking it might not start?


I need 1 but it cranks and runs so for lol, I got to go water my girls. . .


Oh it did run. Oh excellent! I missed that part!


Yep I fired it up about 15 mins ago


Well I put it all back together and drove it around cutting off and starting again for a while. . . So for all good, hope it stays that way. . . On another note I can see the mistakes I’ve made on this grow already. … Being capable of this, I can focus on the areas in my next grow. . . Either blueberry auto or goldleaf to be continued…


Clear the codes and reset the computer the ecm (engine control module) with an obd2 that could likely take your security light away or is it just when it turns over or does it stay on if it stays on likely clearing the codes will help.

Glad to hear the car started for you @Stonetothebone