My dream house found


Win win for everyone. Old barns have a tendency to catch fire. It’s like a box of tinder


ohh yea,they burn hot! lolol


I found it dam hiding stuff, i’m not doing it anymore. . . If they come they are welcome to find whatever. . . I got nutes from last year I can’t find dam mind is going or I’m dam good at hiding stuff. . . Got to laugh to keep from crying lol…


3 days away from 90 days sprout, waiting on some amber to show. . . Milky as heck if I hadn’t took some already I’d just take it now, trying to find out the effects of difference in stages. . .


Unrelated growing question, I’ve got a 01 impala new engine. . . When turn key all lights light up, but want start. . . After playing with it about 5 min it cranks, yesterday it took about 30 min to crank. . . Could it be a security issue, I’ve taken it had a check engine done nothing showed up. . . Any help would be greatly appreciated. STB…


I know @Majiktoker is a master mechanic
Perhaps he could help


Could be the nuetral safety switch I’m not sure what Chevy had on that year but there is probably some type of switch on the brake pedal and another at the gear shifter to be sure it’s in nuetral or park. Had trouble with an old pickup… The switch was behind the brake pedal lever above the brake pedal. I bent it with my winter boots and had to climb in an rebend it until it pushed when I pushed the brake in.

There is also some sort of fuel shutoff switch up under the dash on a lot of vehicles if it was in any sort of impact recently it could have tripped but seems to me the vehicle will still crank.

Could be the ignition switch is wore out too…

I’m not a mechanic but I figured I’d toss out my limited experience until the cavalry arrives.



Crankshaft or camshaft sensor. Also could be ignition switch or ecm problem.

Or maybe the clutch interlock relay, also check fuses could be that simple.

Overall sounds like crankshaft or camshaft sensor, what did you play with exactly

Also check coil pack and spark plugs @Stonetothebone


I just check the battery cables and pressed the spark plugs wire’s. . . The coil pack ,wires,and plugs are new. I’m thinking ingintion switch, cause that is what I kept turning. . . All fuses are good, I’m going to check all wire’s tomorrow looking for bad wire’s. . . I’ll look into sensors, thanks toker


Not a problem my friend, my guess at this point is definitely a crankshaft or camshaft position sensor or ignition switch, which now keyed me into the lock cylinder its self @Stonetothebone


Thanks All for the input. . . IT’S A HEADACHE.


Oh I know how it can be lol its my daily job, ill help you get it though buddy


With it being a new engine that wouldn’t have been replaced then they just used my old one, correct.


Are you asking if you they didnt replace it with a new is it likely to have the old one put back in? If so yes very likely they used the old one and just pressure washed it


Yes that is what I was referring to…


Yes they likely could have pressure washed the old one and put it back in


One way to tell is pull one of the valve covers the exhaust side, upload a picture of the valves and rockers


I think I’ll go with ignition switch first, it had a recall on it, but they made me another key instead lol. . .Said the switch itself didn’t need replaced…


Dude…thats likely the problem, your supposed to replace the lock cylinder and ignition switch when getting new keys


That’s what I thought, the recall said new switch. But they just made a key instead I only have that key in switch at all times. …