My dream house found


Yeah they gave a review on it here, but don’t sell it lol…@bob31


My guess is that there aren’t any seeds one of the reviews I read listed the breeder but I couldn’t locate them online


Yeah I’ve came close but it like chasing a ghost…@bob31


Good luck. If I ever see anything on it I will be sure to let you know!


Jeff session says he can’t see how we would be better off with more marijuana,medical or not… Now isn’t that a change from what he said while getting confirmation of U.S. Attorney General. Getting the heat off him by doing what they do best LIE… BUT I KNEW IT WAS A LIE WHEN I HEARD IT…


Well the eagle landed , thinking about scraping this grow… But that would be stupid, get all I can get. . . Even though it may just be popcorn, hate when it gets stuck in teeth lol…


We are looking too my wife is retiring soon and we are on the prowl for a house in Weed CA lol no pun intended but thats what we want lol


Well been staring@ this crown all week, thinking about breaking seal today. . . As good a day as any, least then I could have a hangover instead of feeling like I do lol. . .


Amnesia Haze Auto 79 days from sprout…


She’s looking so frosty ,great job @Stonetothebone


Thanks@ Nug-bug getting little fat lol, I’m planning on taking it this week. . . All cloudy on this 1, off to the moon in a few months hopefully. . .


@Stonetothebone and @bob31

Is this what you both seek


Well I got drunk as 10 of us started sat. Night, finished Sunday with dinner too. Hot Budweiser, still got the crown For now. . . My neighbor gots some liquid I want to try and he’ll want some crown so. . . I’m thinking Thursday or Friday.


Gotta get blood pressure back in good standing lol, chicken snot pick it up and trot don’t let no body see what you got…


Got to quite hiddening stuff like I’m expecting a raid lol, then not being able to find it. . . This is getting out of control. . .


what did we lose @Stonetothebone? how’s everything going in your area?


A snake cam , it’s going expecting rain and turning my house upside down. . . Going to go to it again tomorrow, if not able to find going to have to order another one#@$! @BIGE


something probably laying on it where you cannot see…lol good luck finding it brother!


I thought this said a snake at first and I was gonna say just burn the house down, that’s what I’d do if a snake was in my house somewhere you couldn’t find it.
Haha, but hope you fine it brother
Happy growing


@Hawkeye_diesel,a friend of mine had a rat problem out in his barn…we were looking at it,shaking our head and i told him that a pile of brush he had nearby was more than likely where they were breeding at…so he decides to burn pile by using burnt moter oil and some gas…lol bad idea! 5or6 burning rats ran into his barn setting it ablaze!! lol we got everything out we could then watched it burn! i can still see the look of disgust on his face…anyhoo insurance covered it rats gone,new barn…lol win-win