My dream house found


anybody ever use these, or they as good as ball ? Makes 3 things I had to get lol. . . I’ll probably think of something else. . .




Looks like milky to me lol, what do you think…



I think it’s got a lil more time,week or 2… still a lot of white pistols, not completely milky either oh well probably get a month or so… decisions,decisions…


lol,yea @Stonetothebone decisions sometimes are hard to make at this point! i have a WW that i’ve been canna-balizing hannibal lector style…i’ve been smoking her while she watches…lol i believe in a day or two i will flush her and go ahead with harvesting the rest. i did not really want to but sometimes that is just the way it is…


@Stonetothebone how old are those from sprout? I didn’t think they were old enough to be that milky?


2 months on the 18th@bob31


This is the 1 I’m thinking about taking next Friday,I’m going for complete milky 30 to 50 0/0 to go I got sum that’s not that far yet. So that’s what I wondering about… Trying for some amber on the rest also got some younger buds that have a ways to go with a lot of white pistols…


that is looking mighty good @Stonetothebone! i’m happy for you brother,it’s been a struggle!


Thanks@BIGE , yes it has but I’m happy. Even if I get a 1/4 total out of all 3 no complaints lol…


hey @Stonetothebone have you looked at ace of spades, it has black cherry soda as a parent…lol


Lol I’ll see what goes not familiar with that site…


@BIGE,I SEEN that lol. Now if I could really find where to get it for real…




I give up@BIGE,IF you find it let me know… All I can find is mixed with something else lol… I’ll keep looking though… Lol


What strain are you looking for @Stonetothebone


Black cherry soda@bob31


I can’t find it either. Leafly indicated it is very popular in Washington state! That doesn’t help me and probably not you either. I know I haven’t seen it around here. I would have remembered it!