My dream house found


Hope everyone had a great 420, get your beans lol. . . THEY put up a question on the news legalize rec. Mj 85 0/0 said yes, maybe this will get the attention it needs. . . Also said how much tax money it was creating in CO. Millions and Millions. … They are debating it at federal government now. … LONG LIVE 420, LEGALIZED…


Trump and Fed’s have got to get on board. . . The Fed’s are saying that it’s illegal even in states that have passed it♧♧♧:-( get over it already … Get on board or get replaced !!! Just my 3 cents. . .


I pinched some leaves off my blue amnesia the other day. … They are dry and I rolled it got my neighbor to try it after 3 hits he said I’ve got a buzz lol. . . So maybe I’ll get a 1/4 off it. . . Not expecting much been through so much, now I’ll probably get nannas. . .


Time to use that code lol, don’t let it get away. . .


green crack. blue amnesia Amnesia haze


That’s what I’m talking about!!
There ya go @Stonetothebone


oh yea! that is looking great @Stonetothebone!


Just trying to make it to harvest… I took 1 light out, down to 2… Reducing the heat, now I’m 75 light on 70 off


yea,i can already see that i will be dealing with heat issues due to my new light…if push comes to shove i have two 300w leds to back it up…



I had one of thoughs and it worked ok for a while…then DONE !!

I use one of these now



I got 2 coming, 1 clip on , 1 magnifier with 3 nickel size 30, 60 and 90 hope it works. . . @garrigan62



I’m using 2 600 now was 3 with 2 small fan’s 1big , exhaust fan running full speed as of now. . . When I open the tent it’s almost an instant high lol. . .


lol,it is getting stinky is it?


You wouldn’t believe it. . .@BIGE but you’re more experienced than me so yeah you would lol. . .


lol,i don’t think so @Stonetothebone,last round my whole house reeked…new plan this round,i do like opening the door to the sweet smell of MY maryjane! lol what a good feeling not to depend on anyone for such good medicine that helps me in so many ways… from anxiety to pain relief


I’ve got a habit of licking my fingers after I touch all 3 of my plants lol, gotta break that habit or I want be coming back after my monthly test. . . I was told it would be over in November if I had my fines paid, asked if I could do that. . . I’m paying half in May and other half in June, gotta stop buying just bought my last 2 items drying rack and scrog net. . . Plus got to start paying my debt off , the house has been on market for over a year if it stays on til January or February then I just might be able to get it. . . Still haven’t given up on it, til it’s sold then I’ll find another 1… Look out peanut butter and jelly. . .


If I could I’d just load it all up and move to another state a legal 1 lol, but I’ve got a big anchor holding me down. . . I can’t break those 2 chains even if I wanted to. . .


some milky mostly clear I think lol, going to be harvesting@ different times. . .Play some get different stages of harvest times and hopefully I’ll get high as a kite, @ some point. . .


i bet it will @Stonetothebone,great work !