My dream house found


Good morning @Stonetothebone how goes it? The girls looking good!


Wasn’t trying to avoid anyone, I’ve been gone since Thursday. . .


WTF, been wandering about you…good morning @Stonetothebone


Good Morning @BIGE, Yeah it was a very interesting journey. . . A special delivery lol, how’s the ww coming along?


they are still crawling along,it is a wonder they are not dead…lol i transplanted one through her outside,the other two are doing ok in their little box…lol how is your grow going?


@BIGE at least they are still alive, I came back to find mine in a state of mess. . . Looks like nute burn or calcium deficient, I don’t know right off I just peeped them last night and closed the tent. . . I’ll get on it tonight, if it’s nute burn then they was watered out the wrong jug, but that my fought shouldn’t had 2 different types of water in their … Didn’t like leaving them in someone else’s care anyway, should’ve just left them alone but I’ll get it straighten out. …



This is the mess I came home to, nute burn? There isn’t much I can do at this stage, mini flush start over they have about 30 to 50 days to go. . . Limp on to harvest. . .


they will turn out fine @Stonetothebone them some tough ol gals!


Yeah I know that I have put them thru the ringer lol. . . I think they’re be good@BIGE


Anyone using this to check trics


I’m going to start nutes again Friday lol

2 months today


Yeah I just took pics with mine but they came out kinda blurry but good enough to see the trichomes. I will link you over


You did good Bob, I can’t see Jack outta mine lol. . .


Ok I will let you in on the secrets. Remove any case your phone is on. Activate your camera app. Install the clip on lens. I had to be careful to get it exactly over the lens.

Get a newspaper or magazine or some junk mail and lay it flat. Bring clip on lens down to the print. There is a small plastic standoff on the end of the lense. Bring the lens right down till that standoff touches the paper and move it around slowly. I had to fool around a little to get it working.

My issue is the slight shake from taking the picture causing the blurry pic. Hard to do at high magnification


Mine don’t have a clip, I just got the scope. . . I seen them with the clip, I’ve done ordered a another type. … Thanks @ bob31


I didn’t even realize. Mine is exactly the same but with a clip.


Yep when I get something that doesn’t work, I’m quick to replace it when I can. . .@bob31


You could probably hold that on with a couple rubber bands or something but the clip makes it really easy and I think they are easy to remove from the clip so it’s good to have a spare!


I’ll check see if I can get clips@bob31