My dream house found


I’ve found my dream house today, might have to sell a kindey… But it will be worth it, almost 5 acres of land and fenced in garden… The house is pretty also, sure hope I can get it… If so I’m moving everything in 1 day, I’m so jacked up right now I want sleep again tonight… Wish me luck cause it is never on my side…


That’s so Awsome , so happy for you, hope everything goes well, lets try and keep that kidney !!


Good luck brother
It’s sounds great :+1:


I’ll let go if need to lol, for the right price… This is a dream of mine I want so bad only one house close to it… Thanks fyshh Trap


Good luck man hopen everything works out for ya.


To good to be true, But I seen it Countryboy…


Thanks nug-bug got a helluva price tag on it… 1 kindey up for auction lol…


Hahaha hey I saw a ad a while back 35k for one testicle!!!lmao maybe a option


Luckily you were blessed with two :grin:


At my age I’d be willing to give up one testicle but I can’t get rid of the kidney… I have too much fun drinking…:laughing:
Hope you get it @Stonetothebone



I know how you feel brother I just bought my dream house well my wife’s but she let get all that I wanted too lol
We have 2 1/2 acres and I’m drawing up my plans for a nice proper grow space in basement :+1: I have a temp set up now but it works
Think positive bro and hope all goes well
Just a heads up banks are a pain in the ass to work with I think they stress you out on purpose :thinking::v:️:+1:


I think I heard about that I might look in to it since I got a extra 1lol…


At this stage in life I’m almost willing to give up anything that will help me get it, as long as the price is right… To much fun lmfao…


I know that for sure after getting a car loan… Glad you got your dream house or should I say your wife’s lol…


Me and my ex are tossing around getting back together… If so she will get the house and I will get the yard lol…


Hey @Stonetothebone remember she’s an ex for a reason brother keep that in mind… :fearful:



Yep I know , but we both have grown up a lot since then… That’s why I’ve only been married once in my life… Easy in hard to get out lol…


I hear ya I’m on my second wife , although this one is smart enough to listen , so I treat her really good and baby her just like i do my ladies …everybody around me is spoiled , even the damn animals LOL



I hear ya brother, when you get 1 that listens to you all you can do is spoil them…


I don’t trust anyone for real, I don’t know if she’s trying to use me or not… Cause she’s going after custody of our granddaughter and I’m footing the bill so that kindey thing was no joke lol…