My dog got stoned


The gf made some weed infused coconut oil awhile ago, so she had the plant material in the fridgeabout a oz , being a stoner she forgot all about it till yesterday and it was off so she puts it the compost and forgets to lock it up as the dog likes to scavange !! So the dog jumps in and eat all she can, thirty mins later she’s out on the front patio on her back f#cked up lol red eyes, stiff and not caring about anything in the world, wobbly when I got her up had to support her lol, gf recons she was body stoned, poor girl was like it all night , she’s alrite now just tired,

We took her to the vet but as the gf also chucked out some old kabucha tea the vet Thort she was drunk. #feeling bad.


@Kiwiknight it’s okay it happens. At least your dog can’t die. The dog will be fine.


Yes I feed my dogs a bud every night at bed time. They are fine. About 15 years ago I had a puppy ghat found a lb and ate about 2 Oz she laid in the floor and couldn’t get up to pee. I felt horrible but she was ok


Raw weed is ok, but once it’s decarbed bad things can happen. Glad your dog is ok.

I had a scare like that, several years ago. I stayed up all night to make sure my girl was ok. She was definitely not having fun. At all. I’ll never be that careless with my cooked greens ever again.


I got my pit stoned once by shotgunning her and now every time I smokes she jumps in my lap


We were seeing an increase in seizures with our Cocker (he’s been on phenobarbytol for years) and he’s get shaky and stumble around with an extreme startle response when something entered his field of view. He lost bladder control too. Found out he was sneaking my afternoon roach off of the picnic table and eating it. Once we identified the problem we haven’t had another seizure.


@Sirsmokes how come u feed your dogs a bud every night?


2 for nerves 1 has a bad leg and the other is old


Plus they love it you would think I’m giving out bacon the way they act when they see their bag come out


Lol do they all have there fav strains??


They have really been digging on this ilgm blackberry kush