My day so far how about you?

I hope everyone is having a great day. Happy Mother’s Day and to all you of you who are not mothers, have a great day as well

I’m doing laundry to day and in honor of that, I propose smoking a bowl

I hope you will join me in this splendid occasion and partake in whatever vice you see fit.
Toast, to laundry!


I’ll take in a bowl later today. My choice at this moment is having a vodka/tonic or 2 for the afternoon. It’s 40F and raining here today, so inside it is.

Yes, Happy Mother’s day to the Mom’s out there.

I bet you shoot down the plane

Sorry Elton John
It’s gonna take couple of gin and tonics to get you on your feet again…

I think that bowl is working


And here’s a toast to all who are in difficult family situations, in whatever form that is. :bread: :tropical_drink: We’ll do our best to have a good day. :slight_smile:


Indeed !


Life is good!

Perfect day here. Low 50s and dry. I am cutting up a tree I dropped yesterday and my wife is hauling the branches and small stuff to the burn pile. We can do that. What a team