My current situation 😜



these lovely ladies are the 2nd and 3rd generation of seeds I purchased from ILGM. My first grow was 2 blue dream, 2 Cali dream, 2 skywalker OG, and 2 cherry pie. I had great success with all of them and took 12 clones and put β€˜em in a tent, thinking I would lose some, but didn’t and now I have 4 giants that are about 5 weeks out, 8 mighty midgets that are a couple days from harvest and clones in my tent to do it all over again with. My growing adventure started in January and it is so much fun!!!


Dibs on 8 Mighty Midgets for a band name. :joy::v:
Nice looking Forest, friend!


How big is your tent and what kinda light u running

My tent is 32”x32” with an APE 600w led light. My room is 3 600w hps…

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How’s the yield per watt on a hps coMpared to led in your expierence I was thinking about buying a hps Mh light for winter since my led doesn’t get that hot

Not really able to answer that. This is my first time growing. I have never used the LED for flower

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You can grow good cannabis with MH/HPS but electrical costs are higher. That said; add a heater and stay with LED’s, or swap out to hot lights. It’s almost a wash, I’d guess.

I did a grow under diy LED’s a few years ago and calculated $1.24 grams/watt. MH/HPS at best is around 1.0 g/w.