My current grow

Figured I would post some pictures of my current grow. These girls were flipped to flower 29 days ago. There are 2 GDP’s, aMother of Berries, and a Freddie’s Fuego. They are in a 4x4 tent, in 5 gallon bags of ProMix HP. I’m using Jacks 321 at every feeding. Lights are two 250 watt Budget LED series 3 rspecs. All three of my tents are ventilated with Infinity AC 6 in inch canisters and fans

I didn’t scrog this grow. I weighed down taller branches with weights and string ( I used rocks lol) and did some bending some. I’m pleased with the results, it’s a nice even canopy. My other flower tent has one more girl left in her… a white widow which being chopped Sunday. Then it will be cleaned, sanitized. My veg tent is getting a bit crowded, so I hope to get 4 out of there and into that tent


Nice plants, good job :+1:

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U got that tent Bener Packed homie, gun be big batch :fire: :100:

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