My current grow (3rd)

Hey Growmies…just kinda showing off my current grow…both autos 7 weeks old from popping through the soil…pink grapefruit is 2 or 3 weeks away from being ready but the pineapplegum auto (that supposed to take the same amount of time) is definitely behind but I’m not worried…shes definitely a sativa though the pineapplegum is meant to be a indica dominant…gotta love the ladies!! :rofl::+1:


They look great :+1:


Thanks bro…all I can smell is grapefruit!!! :rofl::rofl:

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Nice work Don’t be in a rush. Lots of white pistils, add a week or two


I was thinking closer to 4 plus. But damn they look nice

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Thanks guys…im in no rush to crop them…ill wait for those Amber trichomes…shes gonna taste amazing though!! :sunglasses::+1::rofl:

Nothing like the feeling of pride and joy I had packing my first bowl of my own home grown. Excited for you

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Looking good!

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Thanks…will post more updates soon! :sunglasses::+1: