My creation at 67 daysfrom seed. Update 02-042018



Nope see what happens with being this size but i have trimmed heavily trimmed.


All out of likes @Soilgrowth but they do have phenomenal growth.



I believe that’s what you set out to do is’n it ? lol



Yes. Now i know this is a 2 plant grow room like this.


@garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Growit @Countryboyjvd1971 Sry been busy with work im a welder. I go where im needed.some up dates. Some pics the biggest plant showed it was male. I figured by the way it was growing so fast. So here is week 4 of flower

this is a sour diesel strain. 3 weeks from seed went to flower. this is a skunk #1. This is and og strain.3 weeks veg also. And it stinks so good. this is a super sliver cup strain. This plant at 4 weeks flower crown of nug is as big as my thumbim gonna start a new topic on what i have been holding back. I dont have time to make a video.


Well please make sure you tag me in the new one


Slap a tag on me bro!


Ok some weed porn 31 days from 12&12. Trichs in cazy mod. @oleskool830 @Nug-bug @garrigan65 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971


They look awesome! Well done!


I completely agree what an awesome grow great job


Those look beautiful. Great job


Stunning my brother! Good Growin’


Absolutely love your set up the girls look wonderful


Here is the auto i jumped in the system a few days ago. here is the sour d this is the skunk. There doing stinking great. I have to get a carbon filter can smell like 2 houses down.


just some nighy pics


I had a mouse problem he ate 2 of my auto seedlings. I put a new one in called crazy mouse! Like 5 days old now

20180219_084618|666x500 @garrigan65. @Nug-bug @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Bogleg




I had the same problem about 5 years ago. I had 40 plants that had just popped and when I went to check on them on the 3rd day they were all gone every last one eaten half way down the stock. I knew it was a mouse cause he left his turds behind…lol
Never gave then a way to climb up and get any more that’s for dam sure…lmao



I found turds on the second one. I got him thoe.


Oh ya I did get the little guy, Setup traps every where…lol