My creation at 67 daysfrom seed. Update 02-042018



Soon i will talk more about somethings i have learned and am are using but waiting permission from one last company theres things here that will be new to growing in a new way with the old.

@garrigan65 ive been waiting a year to put this all together


They look phenomenal @Soilgrowth keep up the awesome growing.


Right on @Soilgrowth super bad lookin diy set up real clean lookin
Good work



You seem to have it all in place and working well for you. Keep it up and keep us all posted.

Will bong7bp


@Soilgrowth please tag me when you have all the permissions needed :+1:
Looks like a nice setup will be following along


These 2 plants agrow out of my control. Im gonna have to remove the 2 smaller plants or lets experiment. But look at these girls @garrigan65 @Growit @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971


Lookin super happy and healthy
Looks like those two will be able to fill the net themselves!



awesome grow there my friend. So what are you thinking about for an experiment?



@Soilgrowth everyone here is up for experimenting. Do you have something in mind? Those two larger plants look really great, you could flip 12/12 whenever you want I think, they’ve filled up that scrog great. Do you have a space to put the smaller ones?


The two on the right lets see what they yeild. Their actually 30 days old with max deflower. Maybe even 35 from seed.


And this is a 55 ×50 scrog.


well you keep me posted ok and if I can be of any help you just ask ok



Ok went 12&12. I put in a 1000w double end pro light. Went form veg at 400w and flower at 1000w lets see how the grow. And today i got the go ahaead and i have samples of this product its sold on Amazon. I gonna make a full vid of everything ive done. So next post its all about what Ive done and what strain and these are reg seeds and havent shown sex on one.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @



And let the show begin…Make sure you have me taged cause I want to follow your grow



Will , do you helped cause the bug that made me stop growing and learn. And this is what came of it. Hats off to you. See the pun will your name .



Not really sure on how to answer that one…lol

Will dunno


Its like i was trying to do what you were doing. But listening to everyone else i couldn’t get my witts about me. I thought how calm you seem. And i need to get my sh*: stright so i reached how to some serious growers with no guide lines. And got some straight facts.


Looking good @Soilgrowth and you have garrigan65 watching hehehehe Your a lucky gardener haha


@garrigan65 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Growit they are taking over this 50×55 room.

I did the clean out anything under the net gone. @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower 20171226_104528|666x500


Wow outstanding growth @Soilgrowth real nice gonna have to move the lil ones soon huh?