My cousin said my plants maybe hermies because they have seed sacks I want to know if that's true?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hello I have attached some pictures to show my plants. I bought 10 seeds from you guys only 4 grew. My cousin said my plants maybe hermies because they have seed sacks I want to know if that’s true? I bought feminized seeds from you guys.

Wet your fingers and carefully pluck those boys off. Don’t break the sacs! Water will help stop pollen, if you notice sacs breaking, but be careful to avoid soaking buds.

One grow of bag seed, I had 6 hermies. With vigilance, I got away from that grow with only one or two seedy buds. By vigilance, I mean checking daily, top to bottom, for new balls. It’s a pain, but it’s worth it. At the end, you still might get a nanner that pops up, but usually so late in the grow that it doesn’t really affect anything. Don’t try plucking them off, unless you’re at a stage in flower where you can spray the area with water; they spread pollen w/o having to break open.

Should I clip them with some scissors or should I use my fingers?

Thank you

One more thing the sacs now have white hairs growing out of them

If you are getting those hairs comming out of it than its part of the bud no male or hermie in my experience. My last plant hermied on me and the seed pods were obvious. No hairs and when you plucked one it was hard not soft on the inside. As long as you have pistols you are in good shape imo if you get one that doesn’t get pistols then I would worry.


Oh ok thanks! So far they all have little white hairs growing out of it

Yes, little hairs are a good thing! Just keep an eye out to make sure those balls are actually female flowers.

If they do turn out to be male pollen sacs, you can snip them off as long as you don’t pop them. Pulling them off with your finger is riskier, but if you wet your fingers first, it’ll help keep any pollen stuck to your fingers, rather than going everywhere.

Yay for little hairs!

Thanks guys! I’ll keep an eye out!

@Brianprado88 please keep us updated if you have the time. If you have anymore questions you can just tag one of us by putting the @ symbol in front of our screen name and we will be notifed and answer promptly. Welcome to the best most awsome forum around. Happy growing

@Brianprado88 That is 100 % normal I’ve had some get like peas there just big she is pretty


@Sirsmokes thanks! I definitely will keep you guys updated! I’ll post more pictures soon