My coco is turning a little green what do I do

They’re about 3 weeks old and I’m in coco perlite mix and I’ve only watered them twice total first time just water 2nd time with nutrients it’s been 4 days now and dont wanna water now cuz doesnt green mean overwatering only 4 of my plant soils like this the rest are fine and even look dryer

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Just some algae . They don’t eat much . Seriously though your good . Happens to all my grows. It grows just where the lights get to the coco . If it bothers you you can hit it with some peroxide and water


And then you could use something to cover the coco from the light if you want to keep it away after the peroxide. But don’t hinder airflow, I would imagine.


Thank u guys just wanted to make sure

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You’re under watering your coco. It’s meant to be watered at least once a day and it looks like you have an early calcium deficiency starting . Take a read through this article :v:

But I thought u just said It was normal cuz of the light

In the picture my leaves only look like that because I just did lst and they’re hitting side of pot

And the fan is hitting them well blowing leaves up

Yes the algae isn’t a concern . I was just offering up some resources that I’ve learned from in my travels. Coco for cannabis is a great site worth checking out :v: