My clonning guide

Hey Budbd

I have done the same thing in to much of a hurry and that’s when things go wrong.
I use two clear plastic tubes 18X 24X6 w/clear tops.
First few days I keep it at 100% to 89% humidity.
I tried that jell and I change over to power. Works great and not expensive.
Now my next time around i’em going to a tall tube so that I could place clones that are 8 - 10 inches tall. This way after good roots have set in i’ll place in dirt and let them settle in for about a week or to and then flip to 12/12’
The clones will be taken from a mother plant in flower for at least 4 wks
This makes a quick turn around


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I posted on another thread, since I posted above a comment, I put my clones in clear plastic containers sealed up for several days, with the t5 cloning/seedling single light fixture hanging just above, then just now I created a gap of the lid used as bottom since those lids are solid white plastic and not clear. My clones look better. I almost left them completely sealed inside the domes, but I read something someone else posted about a gap, and I sort of thought anyway I should have at least two low drilled vent holes for air to go into and excess moisture to escape out of. I could have bought some better clear plastic containers with clear lids at Walmart the other day, but I’m tired of throwing money at the problem, just want to use stuff I already own if I can.

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I hear that Budbd,
If you have seen my sog I used wire that sat in the garage for year’s. My two t5 lights bought @ a yard sale and the frame I used leftover pvc pipe from when I redid the pluming
I just got tired of spending money on this for the past 3 - 4 year’s
and all everything is doing just fine…knox on wood…lol


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I was wondering… I have a dwarf plant… If I top it with enough stem to get roots… is that the same as pinching and cloning at the same time…?

The pinching I did on (flower) flowers last summer made more new tops, but somewhat smaller.

I for one have never grown or cloned a dwarf plant.
I guess it would be. I never pinch or trim the tops of my flowering ladies.
my reason is not to interfere with the flowering stage so she can spend all her energy on flower and not on new growth.
I do it in veg state so she’s ready when I flip to 12/12
I would say that’s why it came out smaller maybe over pinching


@garrigan62 I’m very interested in your sog grow (or any other you recommend). Can you post links in here for it?


Here is on of mine

Cloning from clones got roots ya!


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Thank you!

thanks for posting this guide. I used it to take my first ILGM AFFI clones…

Only took 3 for the first attempt

I’ve tried that cloning at 21st day of flowering. 50% of them go back to veg (18/6 lighting) and the rest if allowed to grow become mini bud plants, with much darker leaves, allot of foxtailing, and trichomes on the underside of leaves. Made for some great keif hash. Wondering what to do with the two Mason jars of shake. Advice?

@bryan I’m looking here. I havent been following this technique. What’s ur approach?

@basementstealth Clear solo cup, I used a soldering iron to melt 4 drain holes into bottom edge. Fill it with coco loco. to 1gallon tap water, I add a teaspoon of root stimulator from “FertiLome” containing Butyric acid. Use this to flush the cup and saturate coco. Cut and prepare clones as usual. Dip in clonex and into clear cup. Depending on size of clone, you may need to poke a hole in center of cup to that it will slide in easily. Place clear cup into a red one to block light to roots. To water them, place clear cup into container with plain water and let it absorb thru the bottom. Do NOT top-water, trim the tips of leaves, over water. Judge whether to water only by cup weight. I easily go 3-4 days between waterings. 24 hr light. Lift cups out of red cup and stare at them daily for 5 minutes to enhance growth.


@bryan And how long until u usually have roots?

You should see tiny roots thru the cup in less than 2 weeks, be ready for transplant third week.


Ok :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: are there cutting size rules? Are branches too large or too small?

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Yes there size rules, lol. Don’t make the stem too long. Last year I cut one that went all the way to bottom of a full cup, it grew roots like a brillo pad the entire length. When I moved it into 3 1/2 inch netpots, the root ball stuck up above the top and it died. For Promix you are ok. I take lower branches for my clones, hoping for 1/8 inch thick stem. I cut them as short as I can, usually only 1 1/2 inches sticking up out of cup


Ok what if larger than 1/8 inch?

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Larger is a plus, but not too much larger. If they get too thick, they start getting hard and woody and do not root as easily

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for these steps.

do i do all three or pick one?

I prep coco loco with 1tsp hormones in a gallon, then use it to drench the coco. Then use gel as instructed above. I never had any luck with powders.