My clones. Thoughts? 😎

This first clone in a 85% indicate strain. I love this. This is what I do to my outdoor seedlings. When she grows she will have 12-13 colas. A few of them looked warped but that’s ok. 1. I accidentally fiMed it a little bit. So that explains the funny shaped leaves. (Tiny ones) 2. I am trying to slow its growth down a little by stressing it and pulled off most the fan leaves. This tent they are in is only 80cm high. And i have another 5 weeks before I can shift them. They will be fine now. They have another 400mm to play with. Plenty. :sunglasses: lol. I’m excited about these ones. I had 9 all up and got rid of three. They were cuttings of the plant that decided to bat for the other team hahaha. (Hermi) for those who don’t understand my lingo.

Not bad. :slight_smile: Hard to judge one against the other since you are mixing strains. Keep us informed. Good job