My clones aren't growing roots?

Question from a fellow growers:

ive tryed cloning my mothers
and it just seems that they dont want to root i can keep them alive in
the dome and spray with ph water but even after two weeks no roots.

Please help

Temperatures, lights, humidity levels do they get fresh air for atleast 10-20 minutes a day

I’ve seen them take as long as 24 days. Just hang in there.


Agreed I’ve seen them take that long as well

If they are still alive you have not lost the battle, My last clone
took 2 months to root, I thought sure it was a bust but it did
finally root. Not sure but it could of been the fact I took the clone
in the 1st week of flower ?

I cloned from a top into soil and took root within a week. I tried cloning in an ez cloner and after two weeks the leaves and stems started drying out so I just took them out and added them to the pile of dried trimmings.