My clone all grown😊….Blue Cheese ilgm

this is my first successful clone
from the mother plant that grew way different than this is…i like this one more…


It’s not hard at all eh, looks like you got the hang of it. Your clone needs feed, judging by the yellow color and purple stalks. I would check my pH then if it’s normal, I would feed them.

Do you have fertilizer or organic nutrients in your soil? I start mine in straight pro mix, no nutes only the bugs and once rooted I move to a 3 gallon pot with nutrient rich dirt

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Look good. What strain?

blue cheese going into 7 weeks flower now


hey there
this is my first soil grow. my first grow i went hydro
i think i like soil for reasons of smell and cost lol
i used a mix of fox farms strawberry field on the bottom of my pot and fox farms ocean forest on the top of the plant . i too dress it with technoflora recipe i used for hydro
i am just winging it

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