. My cat peed a little in the pot but i flushed it with a lot of water right away. Please help me



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

My plant was fine last night. This is how it looked this morning. My cat peed a little in the pot but i flushed it with a lot of water right away.
Its been under a led light for the last week. What would cause this.
I also put a VERY little general plant food in the bottle I use to spray them.
Please help me.


Cat urine is as strong as it comes, Not sure if you can neutralize it. Id be going flush flush flush and hope it bounces back.


I suggest you gently repot it into fresh soil and take it frim there
Cats seem to love the cannabis plant they will also eat the new growth if allowed to keep visiting the pot
Good luck :+1: CB


I found that out the hard way. Our family has a cat. I was going in to my room and every so often I noticed a few leaves with holes in them or they were sagging down like they’ve been damaged. I was thinking it might have been too windy. Then one morning I come in and I see my cat grawing on one of the buds.
I was shocked to see this happening. Needless to say I put up a little obstacle in front of my door so he doesn’t go in anymore. Have a nice morning enjoy your growing.


I have 5 cats. I use their room as my grow space…using tents. Those furry little buttheads can also carry little buggers on them, so I don’t even like my cats to rub up against my tents. In fact, when I’m futzing about my garden, I either change into fur-free clothes, or go topless. Lol!

Cats & weed don’t mix. :grin:


Im rollin!! LMAO


My cat doesn’t bother with my plants.


ROFL or anyone else, for that matter! GOOD dog.


Oh, what a good doggie - he knows what to guard!


now that’s a guard dog :+1:


He’s definitely a beautiful shepherd brother


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 @daddydays @raustin @elheffe702 right now I’m taking a break, don’t tell anyone.