My Canadian Cannabis Cabinet first grow


Canadian legal grow

Hey everyone.
Here is my first grow, 100% legal.
I live in Canada and we can now grow 4 plants at home for recreational. But as long as you purchase your seed from the government.

So here I go.
I got 4 photo fem Bakerstreet by Tweed.
I use a soil coco mix.
3 coco, 2 promix (Veg and herb), 1 worm compost, 1/2 blood bone meal.
Fabric 5 gallon pot.
480w mars hydro reflector light.
Grow space is custom at 2.5’x4.5’
Using general hydroponics nutrients,


Good luck. I use promix hp and general hydroponic flora trio. Works great for me. I do use kool bloom and floralicious also. Cal mag and silica too.


I forgot to mention the 1 part perlite in my soil recipe.


Just out of curiosity, what price do the Canadian Government charge for the seeds? @Deflect


I started the seed on the 22 of February, I waited a bit before starting the grow journal.


She needs repotting, but looking great.


Seed cost 60$ for 4 seeds. And this is when you are lucky to put your hand on some. Sold out.



overhead picture. I had started a second seed, just in case something happen to the first one. My plan is to make 2 clone later on.


I also started tomatoes and pepper. More plants more opportunities to learn.


I build a cabinet in the garage. Hope the girls like there new home. Cabinet is 2.5’x8’x7’


the girls in the new room


You would only have to purchase a few seeds, then clone off the best and produce seeds from it the collodial way, then swap strains with others who have purchased from the Government.


2x4 is ideal for 2 plants, your tent is going to fill so fast and be over crowded a month down the road heads up.
A 4x4 space is ideal for 4 plants.
Does that promix.have time release nitrogen pellets in it? Like does it sya “feeds for 6 months” or something?
@dbrn32 actual watts are 207w and PPFD is listed should grow will give you a start but be prepared to upgrade your light/ add more lighting.

Ps I’m. Also from Canada in central Alberta


@Hungrybud my plan is to make 2 clones, everytime I start the flowering of 2 plants. Perpetual grow. I have a veg room in the cabinet and a bloom room.
@Nicky I’m getting a 320w hlg quantum board soon for the 2.5’x4.5’ flower room.


I am definitely hoping for a cbd strain. I would like to have a THC and a cbd plant and then clone em everytime I put em in flower. Goal here is a perpetual grow. An harvest every 2 to 3 months.


everything is going well. PiPicture taken on Mar 26

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Mar 29 I topped the oldest girl and give her a stretch. The beginning of mainlining manifold. I didn’t really follow the guide properly, I kept 2 node.


Mar 30
The youngest got a bit of lst.

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Mar 30
The oldest slowed down a little but still show some grow.

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